By Jeff Todd

DENVER (CBS4)– Despite threats, two Colorado teens are moving forward with a “March on the NRA” on Saturday at noon.

“I’m hopeful it will go really well. I’m excited to get back out there and try and make some change happen,” said Krista Choate.

Krista Choate and Ethan Somers (credit: CBS)

The March is a sister-march for a larger event planned for Fairfax, Virginia in front of the NRA headquarters.

Ethan Somers said he wants the Denver rally on the state Capitol steps to focus on three things, “Universal background checks, red flag laws and a ban on high capacity magazines.”

(credit: CBS)

Friday night, Choate was printing out dozens of names of victims of mass shootings in Colorado.

“There are many NRA supporters who to some degree would support what we’re fighting for and the protections we’re asking for,” Somers said.

(credit: CBS)

A counter-protest from the group Rally for our Rights is planned for 11 a.m., an hour before the March on the NRA.

Rally for our Rights posted online, “Please bring your signs and flags! Keep the message directed to what we are always about: “Armed citizens are first responders!” and “When do we discuss disarming criminals instead of law abiding citizens?” etc. Keep your partisan politics at home – such as Trump flags, candidate signs, and anything advocating for or against a particular political ideology. The Second Amendment is non-partisan – let’s keep the message strong and focused.”

(credit: CBS)

Open carrying is not legal in Denver.

An organization involved with the March on the NRA received a threat that was reported to Denver police and the organization backed out. Others say the threat is unsubstantiated and the event will move forward.

(credit: CBS)

“And in talking to the groups working with us, indivisible Colorado and several others, they all stood behind us and said this is a message we need to make clear to the public and we can’t back down now,” Somers said.

LINK: March on the NRA

Rally For Our Rights

Jeff Todd joined the CBS4 team in 2011 covering the Western Slope in the Mountain Newsroom. Since 2015 he’s been working across the Front Range in the Denver Headquarters. Follow him on Twitter @CBS4Jeff.


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