By Jeff Todd

(CBS4) – Colorado’s lawmakers are working to find a solution to what some consider a looming public safety issue. On Wednesday a Texas-based company could widely-release blueprints for manufacturing a gun from a 3D printer.

(credit: CBS)

“Are we actually going to need someone to go in and make one of these guns to then go and commit a tragic act in order for all of us to rally around regulating and some safety measure?” said State Rep. Alec Garnett, who represents Denver.

Eight states sued the federal government to try to stop the release of the blueprints, but Colorado hasn’t joined the suit.

Garnett said he started receiving several emails from concerned constituents over the weekend.

State Rep. Alec Garnett (credit: CBS)

“Does this pose a significant risk to the community and if so do we need to step in? I think, at the moment, we’re all trying to figure out exactly what this all means,” Garnett said.

Many critics are concerned the unregulated, untraceable plastic guns could easily make their way into the wrong hands.

A gun made by a 3D printer. (file photo credit: Keith Beaty/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

Colorado has several options if it chooses to move forward with some kind of regulation. The governor could issue an Executive Order or call a special session. If nothing is done, legislators will convene for the next session in January 2019.

(credit: TSA)

“It may require some swift action because public safety is the number one priority,” Garnett said.

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