COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) – In 1986, 7-month-old Christopher Abeyta was taken from his crib, and he hasn’t been seen since. His family has spent the last 32 years searching for him.

“Each year that goes by we think this could be the year…this could be it,” said Denise Alves, Abeyta’s sister.

(credit CBS)

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children recently released a new age progression photo, showing what Christopher might look like today. It’s the 8 such photo made since Christopher was taken.

“The age progression is great, and it gives us hope. And we believe the forensic artists have done an awesome job because it’s likely what Christopher may look like,” Alves said.

(credit CBS)

Denise Alves said that the kidnapping of her brother has colored her entire life, as well as that of her parents and siblings. Her mother, Bernice died of cancer last year, never having learned what happened to her son after she put him to bed.

“Without answers, you experience a different kind of grief, because we don’t know if he’s alive, we don’t know if he’s been harmed, we don’t know if he’s unaware he’s been kidnapped and is living somewhere. And we, as his family, we just have an obligation to him to seek those answers,” Alves explained.

Denise Alves, Abeyta’s sister (credit CBS)

She and her 5-siblings hope that the attention of a new age progression photo will lead to a new break in the case.

“We believe that there’s enough investigative information, which should be presented to a grand jury, for a grand jury investigation, and on Christopher’s behalf. So we’re hoping that the District Attorney’s Office will take a closer look at Christopher’s case and initiate a grand jury,” Alves said.


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