COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) – Colorado’s youngest giraffe went through a procedure Wednesday to help fix her injured legs.

(credit: Cheyenne Mountain Zoo)

Penny was born at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo on June 4. She’s the 200th giraffe calf at the zoo.

Almost 10 days later, she was found splayed in her pen.

“Splaying means that her legs had gone out from underneath her in an unnatural way,” officials explained. “This can be anywhere from not very serious and treatable to life-threatening.”

Photo shows her in a giraffe sleeping posture that indicates their deepest level of sleep and comfort. (credit: Cheyenne Mountain Zoo)

On Tuesday, zoo officials say Penny has been doing well with taking bottles, sleeping and urinating, etc. Penny’s injury is being described as a muscle tear.

(credit: Cheyenne Mountain Zoo)

Zookeeper and veterinarians working with Penny say she needs casts on both her front legs, and a leg brace to make sure she can walk normally as an adult.

The material for the casts were contributed by Colorado Canine Orthopedics & Rehab and Southern Colorado Veterinary Internal Medicine. The leg brace was donated by Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group.

Wednesday afternoon, zoo officials say after Penny woke up from anesthesia, she had some difficulty adjusting with her new casts and brace. Veterinarians removed the brace which was meant to help with bowing in her left front leg. They say that isn’t an issue right now.

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