By Tim Wieland

LA VETA, Colo. (CBS4) – They are among the most powerful pictures of a devastating wildfire in Colorado. The pictures have been shared by people all over the world, most of whom had never heard of the small town of La Veta, Colorado.

(credit: Tomi Price)

Tomi Price is the photographer, she proudly calls this region home. For the Price family, ranching is in the blood. They’ve been working the land in the San Luis Valley for decades. So when the Spring Fire broke out near their property in La Veta in late June, the first reaction was heartbreak.

(credit: Tomi Price)

Price posted the pictures featured in this article on Facebook writing, “Our boys watch this Valley they’ve called their only home go up in flames.” The pictures show her husband, Chance, and their two boys watching the fire. She describes a “roller coaster of emotions” including sadness but also, “faith, hope and appreciation.”

(credit: Tomi Price)

The pictures were taken on Sunday, July 1, just a few days after the fire started. The Spring Fire has now grown to more than 100,000 acres.

(credit: Tomi Price)

Price told CBS4 that her family is very private, but she hopes that others will see what she sees in her pictures, “a lot of heartache, but also so much appreciation for the fire crews.” She wrote in her Facebook post, “Bless these brave men and women fighting this fire.”

Additional Resources

The Price family asked that CBS4 include the following information:

Spring Fire help is needed for our fellow ranchers!

Stock Pile Hay Deliveries:
Rio Cucharas Vet Clinic
22450 US 16
No equipment; Small squares only

Huerfano Fair Grounds
401 Moore Ave,
LaVeta, CO
All size bales

Monetary donations:

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