By Joel Hillan

LITTLETON, Colo. (CBS4) – One Colorado teenager’s dreams of performing on stage are coming true.

17-year-old Taylor Rae will be a Junior at Valor Christian this fall.

(credit: CBS)

She’s spending her summer break working on her music, which is taking off in the Country music world.

(credit: CBS)

Veterinarian Dr. Ross Henderson leads Taylor’s band, they have been performing gigs together for a year now.

Dr. Ross Henderson (credit: CBS)

“I think her singing and her songs are amazing but I think that she’s like the sweetest person ever.”

(credit: Fox Hollow Animal Hospital / Facebook)

Ross had a taste of fame himself when video, showing him singing to a dog before surgery, went viral online.

Taylor Rae and Dr. Ross Henderson (credit: CBS)

“I thought I was the biggest weirdo, that I’m this vet who plays the guitar at work and then people started to come out of the woodwork, they’re like , ‘What? You do that?’ I like guitar and music and play to my animals, and it was so cool, literally from all over the world, it was insane.”

(credit: CBS)

Together, their basement jam sessions are turning into big things.

Taylor recorded in Jay DeMarcus’s Nashville studio. Jay is the bass player for Rascal Flatts and he played bass on Taylor’s songs.

(credit: Taylor Rae)

She also got to record some vocals at Dark Horse Studios, the same studio where Taylor Swift recorded her first album.

Taylor Rae (credit: CBS)

“It was just really cool getting to work with all of the musicians and producers and seeing how they brought their own taste to the table suggesting, ‘Oh I think this would sound really cool in the song,’ and I’m like, ‘Oh yeah that would be really awesome,’ and getting to work with people who have been doing it for a really long time and they know what sounds good because I was like, ‘I just wanna sing!’”

And sing she does.

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