By Zack Kelberman

(247 SPORTS) – So much for Marquette King mothballing his “ride the pony” celebration.

The new Denver Broncos punter, who arrived this offseason with venom racing through his veins, took his latest shot at his former employer, the Oakland Raiders, in a video posted to Twitter on Friday.

Donning shorts with a clearly defined Broncos logo, King is seen jogging up to the Raiders’ facility in Alamedo, Calif., before stopping to bust out the infamous Bucking Bronco dance, an on-field taunt originally designed to agitate Denver.

Take a look at the video below.

You know the jilted ex that vows they’re over you but still follows on social media? Still tracks your every move? Can’t keep your name out of their mouths? Seems borderline obsessed? Everyone has experienced this person. Well, for the Raiders, that’s King, who just days ago revealed his intention to “kill” Oakland when the teams meet this season.

This, despite claiming after he signed with the Broncos that his on-field persona isn’t the reason he’s no longer playing in the Bay Area.

“Not at all,” King told reporters in April. “The cool thing about the Broncos is the people that work at the Broncos encourage you to be yourself. That is real cool. Players play a lot better when they can let their hair down and be themselves. It’s cool. They encourage it. But no, I don’t think that’s what the reason was. Everybody has their own way of doing things. Maybe that is how they felt they wanted to do things. More power to them.”

King, however, never hid the “revenge factor” angle of joining Denver, where he’ll see Jon Gruden and Co. at least twice — chances to prove why it was such a mistake letting go of an All-Pro. Not that you really could blame him, given the way he was unceremoniously kicked to the curb, but it’s plainly obvious he has a hair across his butt for the Silver and Black.


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