By Lauren Whitney


Another round of severe weather slammed Colorado on Tuesday, including the Denver area. We even saw several Tornado Warnings, including on near Prospect Valley in Weld county. Tornado Warnings also were issued for areas near Limon and near Wray.

Here was the tornado location in Weld County. Some damage to a mobile home park was reported outside of Prospect Valley.

Hail reports were huge again from several of the afternoon storms Tuesday. These storms produced massive hail, causing a lot of damage to houses and cars.


After Tuesday, much calmer weather makes a come back. We could still see a few late night storms across the Front Range on Tuesday into early Wednesday.

Wednesday should be drier with just a slight chance for late day thunderstorms, however they don’t look to be severe. And for the first day of summer on Thursday much calmer weather settles in and warms up.

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