RABBIT HASH, Ky. (CBS LOCAL) —  The body of woman with stage four lung cancer was found in the woods, and police believe she was killed by her cousin who was trying to rob her of her painkillers.

According to authorities, Denita Satchwell was reported missing on June 11 and police claim her body was placed in the trunk of a car overnight and dumped in the woods the next day. “As a…cancer patient Satchwell was frail and in poor health, as well as having a large amount of narcotic painkillers on scene, which made her an easy target for the robbery,” court records state.

Three men have been charged with murder in connection to Satchwell’s death, including 38-year-old Kenneth Jones, who was identified as the victim’s cousin. Along with Jones, 18-year-old Braedon Reaves and an unnamed juvenile were also charged. Police say that Jones and the juvenile tried to remove DNA evidence from the vehicle used to transport Satchwell’s body.

According to WKRC, Satchwell’s daughter said Jones had recently visited Satchwell and begged her for the painkillers after relapsing.

Reaves and Jones are currently in Kenton County Jail awaiting trial, while the juvenile is being held at the Campbell County Juvenile Detention Facility.