By Melissa Garcia

WESTMINSTER, Colo. (CBS4) – Strangers came by the scene of a road rage shooting in Westminster on Friday leaving flowers for the victims.

(credit: CBS)

The shots rang out Thursday just after 3 p.m. in the parking lot of an office complex on 80th near Sheridan Boulevard. A child was killed and three others who were also shot are still in the hospital.

The incident that apparently led to the shooting began about a mile north of the shooting scene. According to police, the suspect started following the victim’s vehicle near 80th and Turnpike and the violent crime occured in the CedarWood Square building.

(credit: CBS)

Nearby neighbors are shaken up by the shooting.

“I was kind of freaked out,” said Iris Ramirez, 9, who heard a gunshot.

CBS4’s Melissa Garcia interviews Iris Ramirez. (credit: CBS)

“We closed the doors and windows and everything. Got the dogs inside,” she told CBS4’s Melissa Garcia.

Ramirez said she felt fortunate that she and her nephews had gone inside her home before bullets flew.

“In the morning, we were all outside using our scooters. Then we went inside,” Ramirez said.

Some employees at the nextdoor business, Comfort Dental, rushed to help the victims.

“It just rips my heart out,” said Laurie Dunn, a bartender who was feet away from where bullets struck at Rusty’s Saloon.

Laurie Dunn (credit: CBS)

With the suspect on the run at the time, police told Dunn and her customers to stay inside while officers collected evidence and interviewed witnesses.

“It was really stressful for them because we didn’t know where the guy was,” Dunn said.

Officers arrested Webster three hours later on murder, attempted murder and assault charges.

“It’s sad,” said Dunn. “The kid is 23-years-old and he just ruined his whole life. Not to mention two boys’ (lives).”

The deceased victim’s injured mother and brother remain in the hospital in critical condition. The bystander who was shot is recovering from being shot in the arms.

Webster is scheduled to appear in court on Monday.

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