FEDERAL HEIGHTS, Colo. (CBS4) – Staff at Water World are working with local officials as they clean up their contaminated water supply.

(credit: CBS)

The water park in Federal Heights announced on Wednesday that they would be closed on Thursday so they could fully sanitize their concession areas and their pools with extra chlorine.

(credit: CBS)

“Non-potable water may have been introduced to our domestic water supply this week,” they wrote in a news release.

Officials with the Tri County Health Department say the situation started with a power outage and repair of a broken valve.

(credit: CBS)

Somehow that allowed water from an irrigation pond to get into the water supply. That water may have been in drinking fountains and used to make ice, drinks and food at all concession stands. It may have also been in the park’s pools.

Officials say people who came to the park on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday could be experiencing symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea and fever. If you have those symptoms, you are asked to call the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment at 303-692-2700 and advised to see a doctor because you may have been exposed to norovirus, giardia, E. coli, cryptosporidium or hepatitis A.

(credit: CBS)

People who came to the park on Thursday expecting a day of fun were disappointed but said they understand and are already ready to plan a return trip.

“It was my first time at Water World and it disappoints me it’s closed,” a boy named Paris told CBS4 in the Water World parking lot. His father then said they’d be getting a refund for the tickets they had bought, or they would be good up until the 28th.

Water World is one of the nation’s largest water parks.


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