By Dave Aguilera

After over two weeks in the 90s for the Mile High City and what has become an unwavering drought over the the southern part of the state, it looks like relief from the hot, dry pattern may finally arrive.

The current set-up of a trough in the Pacific Northwest and a high pressure ridge over Texas and the southern Great Plains has been a heat producer for the last week. Now on the weather map this same pattern should help to funnel tropical moisture into the south-western area of our nation and right up into Colorado.

The key to this is where the moisture is coming from: A former Hurricane! Hurricane Bud was at one point a Category 4 hurricane but, has weakened to a tropical storm as of Thursday afternoon as the storm revolved into colder water near the tip of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

dave satellite radar 3 A Former Hurricane May Break Our Hot Spell

The storm should make landfall in or near Cabo on Thursday night. The storm will continue to weaken but, will help send up copious amounts of tropical moisture into northern Mexico and the south-western areas of the United States.

hurricane predicted path nutu A Former Hurricane May Break Our Hot Spell

This will really help energize showers and thunderstorms over the central Rockies and continue through the weekend ahead. Some areas of the state may receive over an inch of rain by the end of the weekend. There is already a flood Watch in place for Saturday in parts of south-western Colorado.

alerts flash flood nutu A Former Hurricane May Break Our Hot Spell


At the same time the extended forecast charts are indicating another change in the pattern. This change will allow cooler, moist air to flow southward from the Pacific Northwest and Canada. This change will be more evident by the time we get to Monday. By this time high temperatures in and around the Denver metro area may cool 15 to 20 degrees from this week.

Meteorologist Dave Aguilera is a Colorado native and has been forecasting weather in the Rocky Mountain region for over 25 years! Connect with Dave on Facebook and on Twitter @DaveAgCBS.


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