CASTLE PINES, Colo (CBS4) – More than 14,000 Coloradans are living with multiple sclerosis. At the end of June, about 2,500 cyclists will ride up to 150-miles in two-days to raise money and awareness for the National MS Society. Some will ride individually, but many will ride in teams.

LINK: Register for Bike MS

“You might see somebody out on a ride by yourself, and you hear across the way, and you hear someone yell, ‘Hiney Ho!’… that’s kind of our own little hello,” explained Beth Leleck, a member of the Raw Hinies Bike MS team.

beth 4 Cyclists Coming Together For Multiple Sclerosis

(credit CBS)

The Raw Hinies is one of the most successful friends and family teams to participate in Bike MS.

beth 2 Cyclists Coming Together For Multiple Sclerosis

(credit CBS)

“When they formed the team, some of them were pretty new to riding their bikes, and they were talking about what it was going to be like riding 150-miles over two-days. And one of them said, ‘Man, our hinies are really going to be sore at the end of that.’ And that’s kind of where the team name came from,” Leleck explained.

LINK: Team Raw Hinies Fundraising Page

She described being on the team as being part of a family. And the family gets together some Sunday mornings for breakfast burritos and training rides.

“Yea, I’m ready for 30-miles today. I think that’s about the right spot in training,” Leleck said one Sunday morning at the start of one of the team training rides.

beth Cyclists Coming Together For Multiple Sclerosis

(credit CBS)

Leleck will be riding 75-miles a day for two-days during Bike MS. She rides with multiple sclerosis every day.

“I really thought 10-years later, I really wouldn’t even be able to ride a bike, or even be able to walk, because MS stops people from moving,” she told CBS4.

LINK: Beth Leleck’s Fundraising Page


 While she can keep on moving, Beth wants to do as much as she’s able, including raising $25,000 for the National MS Society.

“My approach to fundraising is to ask everybody and ask often, so you don’t know if someone is willing to donate if you don’t ask,” she said.

beth5 Cyclists Coming Together For Multiple Sclerosis

(credit CBS)

As part of her journey with MS, Leleck struggles with overheating, extreme fatigue, and some numbness, but she keeps on peddling for her team.

“There’s still people who’s MS is progressing and they’ve run out of options, and that’s something that keeps me riding and keeps me fundraising.”


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