By Shawn Chitnis

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – A family-owned baseball field had gone untouched for more than a year but the neighborhood decided to return there on Sunday. They took the field for one of the young men who grew up playing there and was recently diagnosed with leukemia.

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“It is absolutely heartwarming to know that we have a community that continues to grow beyond our imagination,” said Amy Graybill, mother of Logan Graybill. “The fact that he has this has not deterred his hopes.”

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Logan, 20, had to remain in the hospital during the fundraiser. The baseball field had hosted a collection drive for local food shelters in the past until county officials told the Brown family they would be fined each time they used it for that purpose.

While anyone is allowed to use the field to play baseball, it has not been used since officials notified them about the policy and the fines.

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“It tears me up, because I’ve just painted the foul lines, which I haven’t done in a year,” said David Brown, he built the field for his son. “The kids just used to love coming out here, and it was always the talk of the school.”

Amy Graybill and David Brown (credit: CBS)

Brown’s son and Logan started preschool together and played baseball for years, using that field throughout their childhood.

Logan Graybill (credit: CBS)

“When he was just diagnosed with leukemia a month ago, we felt like there was no better reason to come back to this field than for one of our own,” said Danette Brown. “It’s sad that there is nobody out there enjoying this amazing field that my husband made for our son.”

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Friends of Graybill that played baseball with him were excited to return to the field and do what they can to support him. They reminisced about their days as children playing on the same team.

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“We’ve known him since we were probably five or six,” said Jarrod Rivera. “We played all the sports together all the way up and he’s just been a really good friend to us.”

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His former teammates said there isn’t anyone more deserving of this kind of fundraiser given the friendship they’ve shared for so many years.

“He’s the most genuine person I think I’ve ever met, and even in his hardest of times, he’s still the most positive guy out there,” said Landon Brown.

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The Brown family wore orange and decorated the fence around the field with the same color. Orange is often used in campaigns to bring awareness about leukemia. Logan’s parents say that while they greatly appreciate all the attention they are getting from their friends, they want to make sure much more effort goes toward fighting the disease and those similar to it.

Logan Graybill (credit: CBS)

“It’s less about Logan and less about us and frankly it’s more about the cause,” said Shawn Graybill, Logan’s father. “Childhood cancer affects countless people, it’s underfunded.”

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While the Brown family had stopped using the field and no longer hosts fundraisers there, they said the risk of returning and facing another fine was worth it to support the Graybill family.

LINK: Logan Graybill GoFundMe

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