By Romi Bean

DENVER (CBS4)– CBS4 Sports Romi Bean caught up with John Elway during the COBank Colorado Senior Open to find out more about two Broncos quarterbacks – Case Keenum and Gary Kubiak.

Romi Bean: “I think every single player, offense and defense, has said it’s so great that we don’t have a quarterback competition this year. The team seems really thrilled about it. What do you see that’s different this year, not having that quarterback competition?”

john elway romi bean Broncos John Elway Weighs In On Case Keenum, Gary Kubiak

CBS4’s Romi Bean interviews John Elway with the Denver Broncos (credit: CBS)

John Elway: “The confidence in Case and the experience that he’s has in the league. With the year he had last year with the Vikings and what he’s done even before that in the league. Coming in, the players know he’s a veteran. Trevor struggled at times, Paxton struggled… but a lot of it wasn’t their fault either. They were young guys. Case has been around and has experience. He has that calming effect, and it’s rubbed off on everybody else. When you have somebody in that position you know can perform, it makes everybody else feel better about their job. They feel like they have hope to be able to win football games. That’s the key thing.”

case keenum broncos Broncos John Elway Weighs In On Case Keenum, Gary Kubiak

Case Keenum (credit: CBS)

RB: “Something I’ve noticed from Case – that I haven’t really seen over the last two years – is getting in guys faces and commanding the huddle. Is that something you think has been lacking, and does Case have that?”

JE: “I think we’ll learn what kind of leader Case is. Everyone has their own style when it comes to leadership. Obviously, Trevor was a really quiet guy. And I didn’t know what kind of leader Case is, but we’re seeing it now. He’ll grab guys, he’s a positive guy, and he’ll make sure they’re doing their thing. That’s why the added leadership that Case brings is going to great.”

john elway axs Broncos John Elway Weighs In On Case Keenum, Gary Kubiak

John Elway (credit: CBS)

RB: “I know everyone asks about Gary Kubiak’s involvement, but I want to ask about you and Gary. There’s something with you two and your work relationship that just spells success – what is it?”

gary kubiak1 Broncos John Elway Weighs In On Case Keenum, Gary Kubiak

Gary Kubiak (credit: CBS)

JE: “Number one, Gary and I have known each other a long, long time. We were roommates when we were 23 years old. We have a great relationship. And I’ll tell you this, I’ve got so much respect for Gary as a football guy, and unfortunately he can’t be head coach because of the health situation. He brings so much to game. He brings a different thought process that I always like hearing and a different perspective that’s always really good. He’s a great counterbalance. We work great together. I respect him and respect his opinion, because he’s got so many good ones. It’s great having him back. He’s a huge help to me and to us as an organization – and hopefully he’s around for a long time.”

gettyimages 630772636 Broncos John Elway Weighs In On Case Keenum, Gary Kubiak

DENVER, CO – JANUARY 1: Head coach Gary Kubiak of the Denver Broncos in the third quarter of the game against the Oakland Raiders at Sports Authority Field at Mile High on January 1, 2017 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)

RB: “You’ve always been a team, since you were the QB and he was your backup – is that part of it too? The timeline?”

JE: “I think so. And we just work well together. We know how each other’s think too. He knows me. He knows me as player, he knows me as a player and coach. And plus, I know him as a player and a coach. We know each other so well, we’ve been around each other for so long and really think alike. It’s always nice to have somebody on the same page and be able to have a difference of opinion too. And when there is a difference, we figure best direction to go.”

Romi Bean is a sports anchor and reporter at CBS4. Connect with Romi on Twitter @Romi_Bean.


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