By Danielle Chavira

THORNTON, Colo. (CBS4) – A man in Thornton suffered serious burns to his body after his van burst into flames Saturday morning.

(credit: Thornton Fire)

Investigators say he used the van for his flooring business, and kept equipment and chemicals inside the van.

The fire started while the van was parked at the man’s apartment complex, and when he saw it, he ran to get the equipment and other items out.

(credit: Thornton Fire)

Investigators say as soon as he opened the back doors, additional oxygen made the fire erupt — causing an explosion known as a flash fire.

“We know his arms and legs received burns,” said a police spokeswoman.

Investigators say the man was taken to the hospital, and the fire was ruled as an accident.

(credit: Thornton Fire)

The van is considered a total loss, and a minivan belonging to the man’s girlfriend was also heavily damaged.

Investigators say the man lost his business and will need time to recover, while his girlfriend also lost her mode of transportation.