By Tori Mason

DENVER (CBS4) – Up until this year, the flower bed outside Father Woody’s Haven of Hope was just for aesthetics.

Now, something grows there that’s easy on the eyes and delicious going down.

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Volunteers from the Colorado State Master Gardener’s Association planted herbs and spices in Father Woody’s garden Thursday to help make meals for the homeless.

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All of the plants were donated, so they help Haven of Hope save money on store bought products and gives their chef, Miss Kay, more creativity in the kitchen.

Everything from fresh mint to onions can be found right outside the front steps at Father Woody’s Jay Gould Center in Downtown Denver.

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Volunteers say the people who dine there are grateful to have any food, seasoned or not, but they’d prefer to brighten up their days with a little flavor.

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“We want to serve our meals to the people and show them dignity. We want to give them something you and I would eat. Just because they may be homeless and living on the street, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be able to eat a decent meal just like you and I could get at any restaurant,” said Brian Willie, Executive Director of Father Woody’s Haven of Hope.

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Willie says the regulars really do notice a difference when extra effort is put into their food. He says it makes them feel good when people care about what the quality of food they’re eating.

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Father Woody’s is always looking for donations, whether it be food, clothing, or volunteer work.

For more information on how to help visit

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