LEHI, Utah (CBS4) – Two women are crying foul after a crossfit gym in Utah kicked them out because they apparently didn’t fit the gym’s vision.

Katherine Ashby, who agreed to an on-camera interview this week with Salt Lake City TV station KSL TV, said she and several others got emails notifying them they were no longer welcome at Colossal Crossfit. The gym is located in Lehi to the south of Salt Lake City.

“I asked him why I had been kicked out and he said ‘Unfortunately, it’s going to be hard to understand, you don’t fit with the vision,'” she said.

In a Facebook post, Ashby expressed extreme dismay over the gym owner’s decision.

“I have loved all of the ladies that I had the pleasure of working out with. You have truly been a blessing in my life,” she wrote in the post.

She also shared the wording of the email she got:

Thank you for being a part of Colossal CrossFit. At this time, we have decided to make large changes to our facility, what it represents, who we hope to help in their fitness and an overall change in Vision. In light of many things that we wish to change and better, we felt your future at our facility would not fit in with our new vision and what we want to achieve. We have decided to let you further your fitness and goals at a facility that can provide what you need and what best suites you. We did not charge your account for this month nor was Gymnastics. If you need any help in finding other facilities we can link you the other local CrossFits.

Dani Warren also spoke to the TV station and said the email came as a surprise, particularly considering she and Ashby had regularly attended the gym and worked out hard as members. She said they “felt like they belonged.”

“I mean it’s a gym. It’s, like, you’re going to the gym to work out so I mean I don’t know what other vision there is,” Warren said.

The gym owner turned down an offer to do an on-camera interview, but he told KSL-TV off camera that he can do as he wishes with his private business and that his facility just won’t be able to meet the exercise goals of the women with its new vision.

Colossal Crossfit’s website touts the fact that they have a “community that supports each other” at their gym and a recent Instagram post shows dozens of women packed in the gym doing a workout together to help a cancer victim. In the gym’s “About Us” section the site shares a mission statement of “Family Focused – Performance Driven – Proven Results.” It says the workouts there are an hour long and are “broken into 10 minutes of warm-up/stretching, 15 minutes of strength training, and 35 minutes of heart pounding, sweat inducing, muscle making madness.”

(credit: Getty Images/Sally Stone/Contributor)

Crossfit has been growing in popularity in recent years both as a way to get in shape and as a competitive event. Last month CBS Sports announced they planned to air over 200 hours of programming surrounding the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games.

Someone who identified themselves as a gym employee responded to Ashby’s Facebook post in the comment section and implied that Ashby had been kicked out for saying negative things about the owners.

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  1. The owner needs to sue his English teacher.

  2. Ryan De Witt says:

    Planet fitness regularly kicks out members they fell don’t fit in. Usually powerlifters/bodybuilders and they make it very clear with mocking pictures they don’t like them. Why is this any different?

    1. At my Planet Fitness mostly it is people looking to get back in shape. There are a few who are in good shape but no one there is an over-the-top body builder. Face it, the day of the generic gym is over. Most of us at Planet fitness are pushing to improve our health and energy but no one is talking about competitions. Welcome to the niche gym concept, I prefer it.

  3. It’s a private business, so he can exclude blacks? Gays? Saying “it’s a private business” doesn’t allow him do violate the law, or to illegally discriminate against people. Those ladies need to hire an attorney.

    1. Jed Draper says:

      Where in the article did it say anything about them being kicked out because they were black or gay or ANY other “protected class”? You might want to actually READ the article before posting something stupid. And no, they don’t need a lawyer. They need to find a new gym.

  4. mw006 says:

    Why is this even a story? Go find another fitness center ladies and another story that is truly newsworthy Denver CBS. There are plenty of other fitness centers available for them. A private business has the right to position itself in the marketplace to attract and serve a particular type of clientele.

  5. Anti-racists say there is a RACE problem that can only be solved when the third world pours into EVERY White country and “assimilates.”

    What if I said there was a RACE problem that could only be solved if hundreds of millions of non-Blacks were brought into EVERY Black country? How long before people realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem, but the conclusion to the BLACK problem?

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-White.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  6. you have dance clubs that have bouncers outside picking and choosing who gets in or not based on who fits the look they want in their club, you have a dating site that wants men only with 7″ or more, and women go to that site for that reason, so yes a business can choose the type of customers they want in their business, know what move on find a place where you are welcomed.. most likely this place wont be in biz long, but just move along, dont waste your time and energy on idiots.

  7. Guessing at what may have happened to precipitate this could potentially be just as harmful to these two women as was the gym owners refusing to tell the them exactly why they were no longer welcome. But, they raised the issue publicly. The only explanation that seemed to have any credibility was the last one — i.e., an unidentified gym employee telling the reporter that the two had allegedly said negative things about the owners. As for discrimination against them, I wouldn’t think that there is anything like a sufficient enough nexus to ‘state action’ (licensure) providing a cognizable basis on which the women would be able to bring an ‘invidious discrimination’ law suit, based on their membership in a ‘protected class’ (per one of the prior comments here).

  8. Here at Globo Gym we understand that ugliness and fatness are genetic disorders, like baldness or necrophilia, and it’s your fault if you don’t hate yourself enough to do something about it. – White Goldman

    1. Ray Williams says:

      ahhh, caught the scent of a lesser stag.

  9. If the women are in a protected class we’ll find out if the owner can do anything they want. I would milk the negative publicity and make the owner regret the decision.

  10. tradergordo says:

    Its Utah, wonder if the crazy Mormon thing is somehow involved?

    1. jldraper says:

      Dumbest post yet. Congratulations tradergordo.

  11. Ed Hauptmann says:

    These women are NOT fat. They work out 5 times a week and have many friends there. When asked why he was kicking out several members, the owner’s response was that it was a private business and he can do what he wants. I’m thinking he’ll be able to RETIRE very soon, albeit involuntarily. Gyms rarely make money, and the bad press from this should punish him appropriately.

  12. Steve Hollar says:

    Totally worthless article. I still have no idea why these women were booted out.

    1. Rick Darick says:

      “vision” is an euphemism for “bigotry”.

  13. All I want to know is: You folks who believe that a cake baker HAS to provide a cake to a gay wedding….Do you believe a gym should HAVE to accept all, in this case plus size, body types?

    Are both not a form of discrimination? Waiting to hear SJW explanations to this one. Should be entertaining.

  14. Lee Jenkins says:

    No doubt there is more to the story, but the gym owner cannot say anything more for feared of being sued in today’s litigious society. Can you imagine if the owner had sent the member a letter stating the cold unvarnished truth? Something like, “Our vision is for our clients to work hard, encourage each other to do their best, and to make progress towards reaching a more athletic state of being. You have been lazy in your workouts, smirking at the instructors, generally slothful in appearance, and anything but an encouragement to new members seeking to up their physical game. Therefore, we have found it necessary for the good of all concerned to ask that you move your membership to another gym that is more in keeping with your lack of effort.”

    Think that would bring about a lawsuit?

  15. Planet Fitness does the same thing. Are these crybaby wussies targeting Planet Fitness with an exclusive story?

  16. With the name Colossal maybe it attracted some plus size girls who weighed more than the equipment was rated?

  17. tngilmer says:

    It is a private business. If they want to turn down money, its on them.

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