By Joel Hillan

DENVER (CBS4) – Volunteers from the Marijuana Accountability Coalition (MAC) spent the day placing bibs on the doors of dispensaries across the Denver metro area.

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They started by placing quite a few on the gates of the Governor’s Mansion with the goal of placing a total of 1,000 bibs.

Shelly Cross is a mother and volunteer for MAC.

“I love children. They’re innocent, and I think it’s our job to protect them,” Cross said.

(credit: CBS)

She was concerned when she heard the results of a Denver Health study published earlier this month.

Nearly 70 percent of licensed Colorado dispensaries contacted as part of the study recommended marijuana to pregnant moms to help with morning sickness.

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“When you’re pregnant, you also have to think of your baby, and it does harm children, no matter what the marijuana industry says,” Cross said.

Justin Luke Riley grew up in Colorado and founded the coalition. He is concerned with what legalization means for his children.

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“What’s it like to stay away from marijuana in all forms in this new environment where marijuana is just readily available in so many different forms and so much more potent than it has been before,” he said.

So he fights.

“I don’t think this battle is over. We know that it hasn’t been fully commercialized in at least 41 other states, but here in Colorado where I live, it is here and there are negative affects happening and unless those negative affects go away, I’m not going to go away, so I’m here for the long haul,” Riley said.

LINK: Marijuana Accountability Coalition

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  1. Robert Chase says:

    Cross is an imbecile; another media lemming without a clue. No harm can be attributed to pregnant women using cannabis and it’s hardly any surprise that dispensary staff recommend(ed) it for morning sickness. The swine behind the study and the media reaction threaten children’s health because falsely insinuating that harm must be associated with the use of cannabis during pregnancy distracts from real and potent dangers such as the use of alcohol during pregnancy. In contradistinction to cannabis, which has not been shown to cause any impairment or harm to the fetus, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome can cause terrible birth defects and permanent disability. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome costs Colorado real money and does real damage — report on real threats to children’s health!

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