By Jeff Todd

DENVER (CBS4) – When Cat Jaffee started to dive deep into the world of podcasts she realized how lonely it is.

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CBS4’s Jeff Todd interviews Cat Jaffee (credit: CBS)

People listen alone and many podcasts are made by just one person, so she set out to change all that.

(credit: CBS)

“House of Pod is a podcasting co-working space, a production company, and an education center in the heart of Denver and teaches people to produce their own podcasts,” Jaffee said. “We need a bigger space to open a second studio.”

House of Pod is like an incubator for local podcasts with more than a dozen people in residency right now.

(credit: CBS)

“I talk about podcasts wherever I go, so why not talk about podcasts about other people,” said a woman known as Berry who started a webpage dedicated to women of color who have podcasts. House of Pod motivated her to get her own podcast called “Podcast in Color” to grow.

Berry (credit: CBS)

“It’s a place of networking. I feel like conversations we have here are really about podcasts and things I was only getting on Twitter at one point, and now I get in person and that’s really cool,” Berry said.

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House of Pod hosts classes for aspiring podcasters and emphasizes quality to help shows gain a bigger audience.

(credit: House of Pod)

“At least two to three people a day are coming through the space, or inquiring about the space, and wanting to know more, so it has to grow,” said Berry. “Right now, I’m still learning so much about the podcasting space.”

Two projects are expected later this year focusing on Denver Start up Week and another in partnership with the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

“There’s plenty of content out there, but it’s not always high quality, or you don’t have a lot of listeners,” Jaffee said. “I see us supporting cool ideas that we really believe in and helping them scale and reach whole new audiences.”

LINK: House Of Pod 

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