MOSCA, Colo. (CBS4) — A Colorado alligator farmer who goes came extremely close to losing a hand while trying to get a close-up of a 900-pound gator.

In the video, Jay Young and Charles Wieand, get into a pond at the Colorado Gator Farm in Alamosa County.

They explain they need to give 20-year-old “Bruce” a workout because he’s overweight for his size.

You can see them repeatedly approach the gator and jump back, sometimes even patting the big guy on the snout and grabbing him by the tail.

The men describe him as a “big puppy” and tell him he’s a “good boy.”

At one point, Weiand warns, “I don’t know if you want to do that, man, not with the selfie thing.”

Less than a minute later, the gator spins around in the murky water and lunges — snapping down on the cell phone, just inches from Young’s hand.

Young posted a second video showing the footage recorded by the cell phone.

He captioned the video “Even Gators Hate Selfie Sticks.”

(Viewer discretion advised, there is some explicit language.)

“He didn’t get me, so that’s OK,” you can hear him say. Remarkably, even the phone remained intact.

You can see more videos on the Wild Charles page on Facebook.

If you’re not totally terrified, you can try your hand at wrestling a gator yourself — albeit a much smaller one — at the farm.

“It’s the most fun you can have for $100,” the Facebook page states.

For information on the hours of operation and admission prices, click here.




  1. Overclocker Overclocker says:

    Is this really what you want . That guy is too brave . But has no sense to get the hell on shore . All he seems to be doing is intimidating the gator. How would you feel if i keep petting your ass .

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