(247 SPORTS) – No one ever saw Brandon Marshall and Brandon Marshall in the same room … until now.

For the first time in their respective lives, the Denver Broncos linebacker and the former Broncos (and Dolphins, Bears, Jets and Giants) wide receiver came face to face. The encounter occurred Saturday and was captured for posterity by Kyle Keefe of Altitude TV.

Keefe got right down to business, touching on the infamous confusion of the two players, which has been highlighted extensively on social media throughout the years.

“So, let me ask you,” he poses to Denver’s Marshall. “You’ve never met him and he’s never met you. But, yet, everyone mentions you with him.”

Marshall — we’ll call him BM1 — answered: “I was at an event earlier today, and they thought I was him. I swear.”

The receiver Marshall — we’ll call him BM2 — was quick to cosign.

“There’s people that call me and are like, ‘Hey, you’re having a party? I’m in Vegas right now and see your name on this party.’ I’m like, ‘No, I’m not having a party. That’s not me!'” BM2 said, laughing.

Keefe noted that those who “yell at” BM2 on Twitter take their angst out on the wrong Marshall. BM1 “absolutely” agreed.

BM2 seemingly is fine with the misplaced criticism. But …

“The only con is, I feel like 100,000 of my followers, follow him and not me,” he said.

BM1, who has 89,700 followers to his counterpart’s 369,000, faces the same dilemma.

“If you took probably like 50,000 of my followers that think I’m him, I would have 50 [thousand] less. I promise,” he affirmed.

The back-and-forth, ending with the NFLers agreeing they’re now “best friends,” can be viewed below.

Marshall — he of the Broncos — is entering his sixth season in the Mile High City. He led the team in tackles last year, notching 106 stops, three sacks and a forced fumble. Pro Football Focus graded him as the league’s No. 53 linebacker among 100 qualifiers. He remains locked into a starting spot aside Todd Davis at inside ‘backer.

The other Marshall, who began his career as a Pro Bowler in Denver, spent 2017 with the New York Giants. The stint was a massive bust; injuries limited him to just five games and the lowest output of his 13-year career: 18 receptions for 154 scoreless yards. New York released Marshall last month after he failed a physical.

(And no, the Broncos don’t have any interest in uniting the Marshalls, which almost certainly would cause the universe to collapse in on itself.)


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