BRIGHTON, Colo. (CBS4) –The Adams County Sheriff’s shared a cheeky review of their detention facility that was posted online.

“Folks, this was the real deal! Amazing place to stay! All amenities were included,” the author wrote.

“First I was transported in a private SUV to a prescreening lobby to make sure that I was eligible to stay,” the post states. “I was transported again VIP to the main facility where upon arrival I was greeted by the concierge. He had me place my hands on the wall and then gave me a quick shiatsu massage to help me relax.”

The author goes on to describe the “very comfortable and extremely fashionable jumpsuit” that was provided, describing it as “Hamburglar chic.”

“I was taken to my section of the facility and boy was I flabbergasted! It was amazing! There were other guests there conversing and watching the enormous 24 inch screen TV,” the author stated.

The author went on to describe the “posh” meal he was served, the special amenities in his “suite” and the “amazing wake up service.”

“I didn’t even have to ask for it. I was very gingerly woken up from my slumber with a loudspeaker to let me know that my time was up. Bummer. It was time to let another guest enjoy the center. Overall I had a blast!”

The sheriff’s office posted the review on Twitter on Friday.

“While we don’t intend for inmates to have a ‘blast’ at our facility, it’s nice to know that some are enjoying their stay,” officials wrote.

You can read the entire “review” here.


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