LONGMONT, Colo. (CBS4)– The mother and sisters of a missing woman from Longmont talked about their loss and the quest for justice nearly two months after she went missing.

The search continues for Rita Gutierrez-Garcia, even though detectives believe she is no longer alive.

Rita Gutierrez-Garcia (credit: CBS)

Rita’s mother and sister talked about the investigation at a news conference on Wednesday morning.

“Hope… hope for justice,” said Rita’s mother Diane Romero about the latest developments.

Diane and Jessica Romero (credit: CBS)

Investigators have identified a person of interest in the case but believe someone knows what happened to Rita. Right now, that is a mystery.

“My heart needs more. Sometimes, I just need something. I have to hear. I’ll text or call the detective asking, ‘Please tell me something.’ Sometimes it’s just ‘We made a lot of progress today’ and that’s all I need to hear,” said Rita’s sister Jessica Romero.

“Right now, we don’t have a body, and myself and my daughters and my family, we’re still hoping that she’ll come home,” said Diane. “But we’re also realizing that that possibility is there and now just trying to deal with that.”

“I want to thank the community and the people who are doing what they can… I know that justice is coming soon,” said Jessica.

Jessica Romero, Rita’s sister (credit: CBS)

Gutierrez-Garcia went missing on March 18, St. Patrick’s Day, and hasn’t been seen since. A $10,000 reward is still being offered for information in the case.

“We’re hoping with the reward that somebody will come forward,” said Romero. “We hope justice will be served and we will be able to move forward.”

Diane Romero (credit: CBS)

Police searched a lake in Longmont shortly after her disappearance and were unable to find any evidence leading to her location.

“It’s not something that we haven’t already thought of. I, myself, just keep it in the back of my head. I know it’s there but i’d rather hang on to hope and faith that she will be found and if she is deceased, I’m hoping and praying that her body will be found,” said Diane.

The investigators said they needed help from the public to find Rita and that they know someone out there has information about what happened.

“I just want to ask again. I’m begging anybody who knows. There are a lot of people who know. There’s a lot of talk… I just want to ask people who do know to just be courageous. And be a good person… it’s not fair for someone to keep information like this,” Jessica Romero said.

Rita’s niece (credit: CBS)

Rita’s mother said this has been especially hard because Rita was excited about the birth of her niece and now that the baby is here, Rita’s absence has been overwhelming.

“I would not wish this upon anyone and I hope that… I hope next time you hear someone is missing that you just stop and pray for that family and you give hope for and you respect them,” said Diane.

“Just help us rescue Rita. Just help us save her from whatever situation she’s in right now. That’s what I’ve been praying and that’s what I hope will happen. Even if it’s the worst, help us rescue whatever we can and put her in a peaceful place,” Jessica Romero said.

Anyone with tips that might be helpful to investigators is asked to call (303) 774-3700 or email policetipline@longmontcolorado.gov.