DENVER (CBS4)– The bill that would punish some teachers for going on strike is getting a revision at the state Capitol.

Sen. Bob Gardner, a Republican representing Colorado Springs, introduced a bill about striking teachers.

He says he proposed the bill after massive strikes in West Virginia and Oklahoma impacted thousands of schools.

Gardner says he is surprised by how the measure has been characterized as “jailing teachers.”

On Tuesday, he clarified the bill only affects teachers and unions who strike in defiance of a court order.

“We are certainly going to amend the bill to require the union to pay the costs of parents who are disrupted, that can’t be good for families, that can’t be good for Colorado, that can’t be good for anyone other than the teachers union,” said Gardner.

He says the bill would have absolutely no impact on teachers participating in the Day of Action rallies coming up later this week. Colorado’s 10 biggest school districts are going to be closed while teachers march to the state Capitol.


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