By Stan Bush

DENVER (CBS4) – Liquor stores are worried about convenience and grocery stores selling full strength beer and malt beverages even if grocery giant’s products don’t cross over into their business.

(credit: CBS)

“It affects us for obvious reasons,” said Baker Wine & Spirits owner Timmy Martin. “We could lose business, but it also affects the consumer.”

CBS4’s Stan Bush interviews Timmy Martin. (credit: CBS)

Martin sells hard-to-find beer, wine and spirits; items large grocery stores are banned or unlikely to sell. Martin worries the shift in the market will make it cost prohibitive for distributors to carry what he sells.

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“They wouldn’t be able to have an expansive list to choose from if those stores have control over the brands that are being distributed,” says Martin.

Lawmakers are considering a list of grievances surrounding the expansion of alcohol sales to convenience and grocery stores. An agreement last year ended a long political battle allowing big box stores to sell full strength beer that irked liquor stores, who are hopeful new regulations could limit the deal.

(credit: CBS)

“(Large liquor stores) are going to suffer just like we’ll suffer and the consumer will suffer,” warns Martin if the new regulations aren’t adopted. “Hopefully we can insulate ourselves a little bit, but not forever.”

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