BENNETT, Colo. (CBS4) – Recent cockfighting busts have a sanctuary in Bennett bursting at the seams.

(credit: CBS)

Jewel Straightedge and her husband have saved more than 200 roosters from the vicious blood sport.

(credit: CBS)

“They cut off their spurs and attach knives to their ankles and pit two birds against each other in a pit,” Straightedge said.

(credit: CBS)

Though illegal throughout the United States, it is more common than you might think. The betting stakes go into the thousands of dollars.

Jewel Straightedge (credit: CBS)

“They give them amphetamines and stimulants, caffeine, steroids, anti-clotting agents so they don’t bleed out in the pit,” Straightedge said.

She first got attached with a pet rooster and was then angered by learning of the terror they can face.

(credit: CBS)

She held one rooster whose comb, earlobes and more were cut off so it could last longer in the pit.

Her husband has gone undercover at the cockfights.

“It’s a violent situation. So, you have to make sure you mix in well. Your thoughts are clear and doing it for the right reason,” he said.

They are building dozens of coops for the birds and are in need of money. They are also open to adoptions.

LINK: Rooster Sanctuary At Danzig’s Roost


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