DENVER (CBS4)– A couple is warning other families who are considering adoption after a heartbreaking experience with a private agency.

After months of work and thousands of dollars, Julie and Gary Keys are back to square one after Adoptions By Heart suddenly closed.

adoption saga 6vo frame 0 Couple Heartbroken After Adoption Agency Suddenly Closes

Julie and Gary Keys (credit: CBS)

The couple looked at reviews from other families online and checked with the Better Business Bureau that gave the adoption agency a pass.

The couple paid a nearly $10,000 initial fee and completed requirements to become a certified adoptive family.

adoption saga 6vo frame 320 Couple Heartbroken After Adoption Agency Suddenly Closes

(credit: Facebook)

But before they could be matched with a birth mom, they received an email sent by the owner of Adoptions By Heart saying the agency’s license was suspended and the agency decided to close their doors.

“This whole time we think we are finally here, somethings finally going to happen, and all of a sudden it’s just the most out of control feeling,” said Gary Keys.

adoption saga 6vo frame 1132 Couple Heartbroken After Adoption Agency Suddenly Closes

(credit: CBS)

The Department of Human Services says false information given by the agency have put several pending and finalized adoption cases at risk.

Adoptions By Heart has not responded to CBS4 for comment.

  1. I’ve set up a GoFundMe page for this couple. They have been through SO much and just want to raise a child. They now need money to start the adoption process over, with a new agency. Please help them if you can. Every little bit helps. Thanks!

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