DENVER (CBS4) — The Denver Post has apologized for publishing a photo of the wrong ballpark on its “Ultimate Visitors Guide To Coors Field” — but not before getting skewered on social media.

The photo accompanying the article is actually Citizens Bank Park — home of the Philadelphia Phillies.


The newspaper caught the attention of both the Phillies and the Colorado Rockies.

The Rockies tweeted a shot of the Denver ballpark, with the caption “As beautiful as you remember.”

The Phillies joked back, “What a lovely photo of Citizens Bank Park. Right, @denverpost?”

Journalists and sports fans quickly joined in the conversation, tweeting photos of the wrong ballparks.

The Post later tweeted an apology.

The Post has gone through a string of cutbacks since 2015, and layoffs just last month reduced staffing levels by about 30 percent, according to the Denver Business Journal.

The Post ended up using their unfortunate mistake to promote a contest to win tickets to the Rockies game on Monday night.

The Post is owned by Denver-based MediaNews Group, which does business under the name Digital First Media.

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  1. 25yrs covering the Rockies, they get the picture of the stadium wrong. Ugh, hire some people do the Sports correctly. I’m embarrassed to be a DP subscriber for 33 yrs.

  2. Robert Chase says:

    Ridiculous — the DP publishes garbled and biased articles every day. With other corporate media like CBS4, it parrots offical lies (e.g. about CDOT’s supposed “listening tour”) without doing any research and arrogantly refuses to retract blatantly false information. Denver needs media that does journalism instead of regurgitating press releases and tweets from single, biased sources.

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