By Dave Wille

DENVER (CBS4) – Some of the greatest NFL players in recent history have trained under new Broncos strength coach Loren Landow. Now a young man from Yale University, of all places, has traveled across the country hoping Landow can help him achieve his NFL dreams.

Foye Oluokun (credit: CBS)

But let’s face it. Working out in a hot gym is probably not how you’d expect an economics graduate from Yale to be spending his afternoons. Sweating, pushing, grunting. But for Foye Oluokun, the suit and tie will have to stay in the closet. He’s not done with his helmet and shoulder pads just yet.

“My happiness and what I really enjoy doing for the next couple of years or however long I can do it. I’ve always loved sports my whole life and that’s really what I want to do.”

To many in the football world, Foye would seem like a dreamer. A long shot. He wasn’t invited to play in the Shrine Game. There was no Senior Bowl. No Combine. But that doesn’t mean no shot.

“From the outside looking in, my story, I’m a long shot. But growing up with me and being around me, I wouldn’t think I’m a long shot at all.”

“I don’t think he’s a long shot. I think he has the potential to play on Sundays,” said Landow, his trainer.

Loren Landow (credit: CBS)

A guy with his education is far more likely to have a boss named Charles Schwab or Dean Witter than Bill Belichick or Vance Joseph. Until those last two guys look at his tape. Or check out his 40 yard dash time. Or just meet the young man.

“Depending on what you want me to do I’m going to do it. I’ve always been that way. I’m a winner. Whatever the team wants me to do, that’s what I’ll do.”

So how does a young man from a middle class family in St. Louis and graduate of Yale end up training here in Denver chasing his NFL dreams? It turns out his high school coach Gus Frerotte, the former journeyman NFL quarterback, told him if he wants to play in the NFL, go see Landow.

“He said ‘I know this really great trainer, he trained Christian McCaffrey. Really good guy. I think you should go out there,'” Olukun said.

“He played with Ezekiel Elliott, same high school. And Gus had worked with him and knew that I prepared guys for the NFL,” Landow said.

So where does all of this work and this sweat and this training lead? We’ll find out in late April if Foye gets drafted. If that doesn’t happen, maybe he’s signed as a free agent. It doesn’t really matter how he gets his shot. As long as he gets his shot.

“Going to Yale, people tell you you can’t do this, you played in too small of a conference. But, you know, you have to kind of block that out. You’ve got to block that out.”

“Foye can 100 percent play at the next level. He has the tools. It’s going to be interesting to see what teams look at him, how teams view him as an Ivy Leaguer. But I don’t think that would hurt him. And they’re going to see the numbers that he put out on his pro day and they’re going to be very impressed,” Landow insists.

“My chances are whatever I make of them. If I go out and perform well, I think I’ll make it. If I don’t perform well, I won’t make it. That’s the business of the game. I’m prepared for it. That’s just how it’s going to be.”

For now, Wall Street will have to wait for Foye Oluokun.


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