“Survivor: Ghost Island” is pulling out all the stops this season. Another tribe swap dramatically shifted the game and there are now three tribes with the new Naviti, Malolo and Yanuya. An immunity challenge made for any interesting set of circumstances for Dom, Desiree and Wendell, but all three ended up making it through another week.

James Lim was the latest to be cast off the show and he talked with CBS Local about why he was voted off, how the tribe swap changed the game and who he wants to win.

Why do you think you were voted off?

James Lim: I’m soaking in the pain and disappointment, but also all the love and support I’ve been getting as well. I think it was fundamentally a classic case of being swapped through. As soon as I saw the group that I was apart of, not only was I on the bottom with Michael, but Michael had gotten a chance to bond with Kellyn and Desiree. I was coming from Naviti with only Angela. At the end of the day, my strategy was to shift the target onto Desiree. Ultimately, it turned out that Keyllyn’s desire to stay Naviti strong prevailed.

Desiree came up short in the immunity challenge. What happened to her in that event?

JL: I got to give her credit. We cruised through the first blindfolded portion. She just got a classic case of adrenaline. Survivor challenges are just a whole different beast. She wasn’t able to deliver those calm and simple directions that a blindfolded person needs to solve a puzzle. We couldn’t help out with the puzzle and we were just standing there.

How much did another tribe swap impact the game?

JL: Depending on the swap, it could turn your game upside down or you could be cruising through with a good majority. It turned out that the first swap gave me a chance to not only redeem myself from the previous challenge, but also navigate through a minority situation as well. The second swap was possibly the worst outcome I could’ve gotten. I was split from my Malolo allies and in the minority in all ways. Even Sandra the queen herself, couldn’t escape a bad swap and game changer. Part of me thinks I got a raw deal and part of me thinks there were ways I could’ve escaped that.

Who would you like to see win now that you’re gone?

JL: I’ve made close bonds with a lot of people over the course of my time. As you saw on the screen, the Malolo Four as we called ourselves… myself, Laurel, Libby and Donathan, we were just rock solid and bonded as allies and as people and as friends. I would love to see the three of them go far and keep on carrying on the torch of the Malolo Four. It was a great run together. On a human level, I’m a fan of the vast majority of the cast. It really exceeded my expectations in terms of what a reality show cast can be. I met so many quality people. I would love to see one of those good people come up with a win. We’ll see what happens.

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