GOLDEN, Colo. (CBS4) – More than 15 years after Michael Blagg’s wife disappeared, he’s taking the stand in his second murder trial.

Blagg did not testify in his first trial.

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Blagg reported his wife and daughter, Jennifer and Abby, missing from their home in Grand Junction in November of 2001.

Blagg family (credit: CBS)

On Tuesday, he was called by the defense to take the stand on his behalf. He said on Nov. 13, 2001 he had made several calls to his home from work with no answer . He left early and when he got to his house he was “very distressed that something horrible had happened.”

Without much emotion he said there was blood in the bedroom and no sign of Abby. Blagg told the court he had recent arguments his wife over their use of pornography to aid their sex life. He said there was no reason for the marriage to end.

Michael Blagg (credit: CBS)

In February 2002, with the wife and daughter still missing, Michael Blagg attempted suicide.

He said he did that because he had been told by law-enforcement authorities there was no hope of finding them alive and the focus of the investigation had wrongly focused on him.

Jennifer’s body was later found a few months later in a Grand Junction area landfill. Abby has never been found.

Blagg’s attorney asked him on Tuesday, “Did you kill Jennifer?”

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Blagg replied, “No.”

“Did you do anything to hurt her?” asked the attorney.

“No,” said Blagg.

“Did you love her?” the attorney asked.

“I loved her with all my heart,” Blagg replied.

In 2004, a jury convicted Blagg of Jennifer’s murder.

But a judge later overturned that conviction after learning a juror lied about being a victim of domestic violence.

On Monday, Blagg’s defense team said hairs were found in the couple’s bed that did not belong to either Michael or Jennifer.

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