By Matt Kroschel

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) –  As dozens of families peacefully protested with thousands others across the country on Saturday, at least one person passed by the crowds in Steamboat Springs “rolling coal.”

That act is illegal under new Colorado law.

Camille DiTrani provided a photo of the incident that included the license plate number. The protesters were part of the March For Our Lives events along Main Street.

(credit: Camille DiTrani)

“They somehow tweak their engines, so they can blow out black smoke when they gas it up. They were doing that to the crowd, and my concern is there was little kids there,” Wahl said.

Witnesses say at least two trucks circled the block repeatedly to blow the black smoke on demonstrators.

Liz Wahl (credit: CBS)

“I don’t think they’re used to enforcing this law, but it’s really important because the folks were using their trucks as… maybe they’re trying to make a statement, which obviously they were. We want them don’t get out and talk,” Wahl said.

CBS4 reached out to Steamboat police to find out if a formal complaint has been filed. Police say thanks to the photograph they were able to track down the driver – 20-year-old Alex Graham from Routt County. He was issued a citation under the new law.

(credit: CBS)

The driver of the second truck remains unidentified.

“It’s not cool. Not real for guy to be like that to all these people that are peacefully protesting,” said Kevin McReynolds.

CBS4’s Matt Kroschel interviews Kevin McReynolds. (credit: CBS)

Wahl wants to open up the dialogue with those who targeted her and fellow marchers.

“We’re a great community here. We love everyone. We love people on the right, people on the left. We love our whole community. We want to have a conversation. Don’t use your truck to have a conversation,” Wahl said.

Similar incidents were also reported by marchers in Salida Saturday.

Graham has not respond to a CBS4 request for comment.

Matt Kroschel covers news throughout Colorado working from the CBS4 Mountain Newsroom. Send story ideas to and connect with him on Twitter @Matt_Kroschel.

Comments (92)
  1. There are laws against this, just as there are laws against criminals having guns, yet…

    1. There are laws against this?!!!! On what planet are you from?! Are you not familiar with what happens when you “punch the gas” on a diesel vehicle? (You oughta feel the whiplash inside the vehicle. Awesome!)

  2. Anybody that believes that more laws will keep them safer is a FOO\ and they were out in mass that day!!!!!

  3. John Steele says:

    If it had been a leftist protestor, NOTHING would have been done by the POLICE… ONLY those of us who say NO.. are arrested.. Big Deal. They got what they deserved.. Using the 1st Amendment to kill the 2nd Amendment is disgusting. They got sprayed with smoke. Thats it ??. I bet they breathe it in all day long.

    1. True. When have you seen any Black Lies Murder freeway blockers get arrested? They get praise.

  4. Tammy Tisher says:

    What are there like 25 people out there protesting….Colorado isn’t a great place for them to choose to protest guns…Knuckleheads.

  5. Rick Janke says:

    God bless the NRA in the USA. Guns outnumber liberals 10:1 in Colorado, thank GOD!!!

    1. Yeah, but more Californians are moving in every day and they bring their liberal disease

  6. We want them don’t get out and talk,” Wahl said.

    1. Kurt Smith says:

      “It’s not cool. Not real for guy to be like that to all these people that are peacefully protesting,”
      I guess the media doesn’t bother to edit anymore??

  7. Mark Morgan says:

    Poor widdle snowflakes got a little smoke? Ahhh!! Having my rights infringed would be far worse than a little smoke for me and millions of other law-abiding, peaceful folks. And that’s what these little Marxist droids want! Gimme a break!!

    1. Amen! Smoke these gun grabbing commies out any day!

  8. Craig Book says:

    Peaceful protest? They are peacefully trying to take away peoples rights?

    1. Scotty Gunn says:

      The media always calls them “peaceful” to hammer home what good guys the protesters are that are rooting for socialism in our country.
      The Media needs to go.

  9. Jerry Walton says:

    They want them to get out and talk? B.S. Every time you try to give facts to liberals they call you racist, nazi, deplorable and then refuse to accept any facts you give them. And that’s if they don’t physically attack you.

    1. Liberal is the code word for Nazi.

  10. He was issued a citation. He’ll flee to Mexico and return to repeat the process. As with them, as with him; no big deal. Next!

  11. The astroturfed, paid-by-Soros protesters need to stop whining and earn their few bucks in protest money.

  12. Jackie Meyer says:

    This is a fake protest, not even close to grassroots. I love the fact that these drivers returned the pollution spewed back upon them. The anti-gun protests were organized by Everytown for Gun Safety. Everytown for Gun Safety was founded in 2014 and is largely funded by ActBlue an offshoot from the Democratic National Committee. Now you know the real anti-American funding source aimed against our Constitution (2nd Amendment).

  13. Poor little anti-gun crybabies, so hell-bent on giving their (and our) Rights that they can’t take a little black smoke. WHAAAAAAAAAA! There’s childrennnnnnnnn there! Boo-hoo.

    1. Mike Mathew says:

      Why would protesters or community organizers use children. They can’t manipulate the adults?

  14. Chris Kramer says:

    Oh yes, the idiots who think writing on paper stops criminals want “to talk” to the rolling coalers? Why? So they can drive them crazy with their insane stupidity?

  15. Ray Charles says:

    I just finished building another AR15 in my garage, 100% legal. How will writing on paper stop me from building more if they are made illegal? Please explain this to me, hoplophobes?

  16. James Harvey says:

    That’s nice. Next we just start dropping them in ditches.


    You dont have a “dialogue” with pathetic little liberal activist wannabees. You just blow smoke in their faces.

    Now, walking around them with a cigar. That would have been most lovely…

  18. Bought and paid for by Soros in big cities. Who in Steamboat would protest guns…unless they were from out of town? So very tired of ADULTS saying, it is for the widdle children…..Enough 10 years ago already.

  19. I see this as his form of protest. They spew filth, he counter-spews filth. He should sue.

  20. Susan Vue says:

    Marching to have Rights taken away seems strange maybe even moronic.

  21. John Schell says:

    During the last Presidential election, Democrats routinely chased and assaulted Republicans at Trump rallies, beating and attacking even young girls. I saw it with my own eyes. Nothing was done by the authorities to protect them.

  22. Jerry Jones says:

    Call the march what it is….An Anti-Civil Rights March. What idiot calls for government to take away his rights? A liberal/socialist idiot.

  23. Sometime s”rolling coal” serves a purpose. I once had a bunch of idiot bicycle riders in front of me on a narrow two-lane winding road, doing about 15 mph. They refused to pull over so I could pass, they kept looking back at me an laughing. After about a mile of this, I finally got the opportunity I passed them, I floored my diesel Mercedes and left them in a big cloud of diesel smoke. Served the chit-heads right.

  24. Using the children to push a Commie agenda, kinda reminds me of the Salem Witch Trials.

  25. Maybe they should’ve just used Bear repellant like Antifa likes to use on people the disagree with.

  26. Rick Caird says:

    If burning the flag is protected speech, it is hard to see how this counter demonstration is not exactly the same thing.

  27. Let’s be fair and arrest any and all protesters that violate the law. Like blocking the roadway and leaving trash behind after your march, and looting and destroying property. Yeah like that’s even happened yet but you want to penalize one person for that? THE HYPOCRISY OF THE LIBERAL IS UNFATHOMABLE.

  28. Too damn funny. Rolling coal is first-amendment protected.

  29. Badley Larry says:

    She will save hundreds of African children by ceasing to be obese. We can also help air quality by giving socialists cancer, thereby preventing them from expelling CO2 and water vapor….It’s not like their brains contribute anything to society, anyway.

  30. rosietheterrorist says:

    Colorado, ain’t that where all the dopers are? Perhaps one of the dopers intentionally hosed up his vehicle and decided to drive around the block lookin’ for his dealer.

  31. Jim Padgett says:

    ‘Rolling Coal’ IS a political statement, and as such, it is protected speech. That Colorado Law will be struck down.

  32. John Moser says:

    ““I don’t think they’re used to enforcing this law, but it’s really important because the folks were using their trucks as… maybe they’re trying to make a statement, which obviously they were. We want them don’t get out and talk,” Wahl said.” Isn’t selective enforcement bias great? Also, this statement is more evidence that the people showing up at these “protests” aren’t overly intelligent.

  33. Poor little racist white snowflakes didn’t like the black snowflakes from the diesel truck. RAAAYcyst. I would have done the same.

  34. Don Rhudy says:

    Colorado began going leftist when I lived there in 1964 and was part of the reason we left there as 1974 approached. Democrats have ruined the state. My sympathies extend to the truck driver.

  35. Peaceful? What is so peaceful about Leftist demagoguery…Did these peaceful Leftist demagogues clean up there trash when they were done?

  36. I really find their worrying about smoke from a truck amazing when they think nothing of the real dangers of the second hand smoke from their dope. It was determined that second hand dope smoke is extremely dangerous to all living things, yet these good old dopers think nothing of lighting up in and around others to include children, and yet they wonder why little jhonny or jane has mental problems.

    1. Doug Wilson says:

      Please. Stop it. I have more reason than you(just trust an ol’ jarhead on this) to be appalled by the gun control crowd, but piling more nonsense on top of their nonsense is not going to help a bit. At worst, 2nd hand cannabis smoke is probably less dangerous than burning leaves from your yard and much safer than sitting in traffic….

      And… To, the reason why so many of us are running adblockers is because of websites like yours who seemingly can’t restrain yourselves 1 bit in abusing our bandwidth for your love of ad $. Privacy Badger shows nearly 50 trackers for this page, and Adblock shows 70+ elements worth blocking. For those with data transfer caps, websites like this are literally forcing viewers to pay to view ads.

  37. meanwhile, here in st louis a guy on the highway rolls down his window and points a gun at me because he believes i cut him off. and the cops tell me there is nothing they can do. ive decided i no longer care when cops get shot. they will give this guy a ticket, but who cares when someone is flourishing guns on the highway. worthless, worthless, worthless police. i will cheer when one is offed.

  38. If I received a citation for exhaust coming from my diesel truck when I was getting up to speed hauling a load, I’d spends a LOT to fight it in court, with whatever Civil Rights complaint that could be constructed. Some ordinance like that seems subjective/arbitrary, and clearly a petty tyranny.

  39. Some of the best comments EVER! Love it! #Keep2A #NRALOVE

  40. Assault trucks!!! BAN BAN BAN!!! We need a multi-million-dollar truck ban industry! Get the KEEEEDZ! Where’s the camera!? Say, these lines, Timmy!

  41. Mob Smash says:

    I’d like to express just how badly I feel for those peaceful protestors who in their earnest march against my rights got black smoke blown in their faces. But, I don’t have enough middle fingers.

  42. Ra Williams says:

    This is a form of non violent emotive speech protected by the first amendment. It would be ruled legal in the Supreme Court.

  43. Peter Joseph says:

    I personally support gun rights. I hope that an intelligent conversation can at least inform the other side why our founders thought it necessary for individuals to be able to defend themselves. The Constitution is all about the individual. Disarmingly the law abiding is giving the advantage to the criminal or a criminal government, God forbid.
    Rolling Thunder Black Smoke is a pathetic tool to use in our pro 2nd Amendment argument. Hiding behind children and using them as tools is equally pathetic.

  44. Gary Canant says:

    Diesel smoke is deadly. My sister, a non cigarette smoker died from lung cancer from DIEsel
    smoke. She was a cross country 18 wheeler for 33 years. The offenders are actually murders.
    It is a good thing that I was not there, the truck would have caught a golf iron thru his radiator
    The people smoke should file suit for injuries via CHEMICAL WARFARE.

  45. Robb Tipton says:

    Kind of surprised to see this. Usually it is just endless insults hurled at working citizens. Maybe they had a enough of seeing demonstrators being used to impose leftist politics. Can’t say I’m surprised. Were the truck drivers naked? Did they throw rocks or molitovs? Did they stop and sit in the middle of the street and stop all commerce coming or going? Did they spit, scream, or stand 1 inch away from peoples faces? Did they loot, burn, carry signs saying that they are the only ones who matter?
    Just curious.

  46. Joe Deats says:

    Was this a coal free zone?

  47. have to say….hahahahahahaha

  48. Mark Apsolon says:

    This guys are protesting to take americans 2A right away by governmental force. I have no pity for the protester they are gun grabbers which are on the same level as slave traders in my book. smok’em all day long. hahaha

  49. I am shocked, SHOCKED! that those truck drivers did not honor the “NO COAL” signs posted around the protest.

  50. Diesel smells better than Pachouli and is healthier than the donuts she is eating!

  51. Michael Orr says:

    “They somehow tweak their engines” Only a moron wanting to be a journalist would write such non sense. You as a journalist are here to inform. What did you inform of? People and smoke. Congratulations on your Pulitzer Prize.

  52. Dean Ayer says:

    They mention like five times that its a peaceful protest ! Poor lambs – there they are protesting for the government to take away their rights and everyone else’s because Broward county, the FBI, the police, social workers, the Obama disparate impact policy, and abject cowardice failed to protect anyone. God forbid someone buy some door locks for the building and make it clear someone in the building is armed – like every office building in America.

  53. Jolly Roger says:

    The endgame of the Marxist agitators behind this “movement” is the total disarming of the American citizenry. An armed free citizenry is the main stumbling block in implementing their socialist plans for the future of this country. Anyone who doesn’t outright support this goal shouldn’t be so naive and clueless and fooled into being tools toward this end.

  54. Zak Watson says:

    People say there is a RACE problem. People say this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY and ONLY into White countries.

    People say the only solution to the RACE problem is if ALL and ONLY White countries “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-Whites.

    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against White people, Anti-Whites agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  55. I guess it’s OK for Antifa morons to beat bystanders with bike locks, and a little smoke bothers these snowflaakes? Give me a friggin’ break: especially when the “conversation” only allows one acceptable viewpoint.

  56. Jack Riley says:

    Dusting…..usually they only do that to Prius drivers?

  57. Fred Stevens says:

    Why do liberals hate America?

  58. Jocko James says:

    That’s too funny… of course it is ‘illegal’ in Colorado… pot smoke isn’t around little kids.

    Good for them… hope they get it dismissed.

    Quotation of George Washington”The laws that forbid the carrying of arms are laws of such a nature. They disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes…. Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.”

  59. Radical idea! I wanna buy those guys beer!

  60. Rico Soiree says:

    Wearing masks and beating peaceful protesters a la antifa is fine with MSM and Leftists.

    Driving with a bad exhaust system amidst CO liberals is deemed WWIII to SJWs.

  61. Tango Victor says:

    Maybe, someday, the street justice brigade will go after the “peaceful protesters” who block traffic, obstruct roads, and push their agenda to be as annoying and obnoxious as possible to everyone else. Would like to see any protest require a specific permit, with defined boundaries, with accountable sponsors identified by name, and a bond to cover any obstruction and costs or damage caused by the “peaceful protesters”.

  62. The Democrat politicians and their pet police chiefs don’t enforce violence committed against conservatives on a daily basis by Antifa, Teachers union goons, Labor union goons, and all sorts of paid Democrat professional protesters. These people are crybabies. No one was hurt. I hope this gets thrown out. The engine smoke law is unconstitutional. Easily provable.

  63. They talk of rolling coal, but what I want to know is…where is the truck that she rolled out of? Ooof…she needs to drop about 80lbs. Obesity kills more Americans than guns…that is for dang sure.

  64. Jon Turner says:

    A conversation is one thing. A protest rally is not a conversation. Its intended to show numbers, and bully politicians.

  65. Sandy Gagne says:

    A friend of mine who lives close to Steamboat, told me that almost immediately after being ticketed by the police, there was already a go fund page set up to help the guy pay the ticket. Maybe a little black smoke will clear some of these leftists cobwebs out of their heads.

  66. Robert Davis says:

    …If the protesters were ARMED— the truck would not have “rolled the coal” !!…. just sayin’

  67. David Frank says:

    What great idea, too bad i don’t have diesel truck. But then where I live we love our country and did not have kids playing hooky.

  68. The same people complaining about smoke because of children have no problem with second hand marijuana smoke effects children in the apartments next door.

  69. Steve Haydu says:

    black smoke melts snowflakes.

  70. Joe Fucile says:

    You march to violate my rights and want a conversation ? Sure, what rights of yours should we violate since this is supposed to be a compromise ?