By Dillon Thomas

DENVER—Mayor Michael Hancock spent Friday afternoon with dozens of Denver firefighters in appreciation for their response to one of the city’s largest fires on record.

Hancock told CBS4 the March apartment complex project fire was one of the biggest fires the city ever experienced.

ffs honored 2 Mayor Thanks Denver Firefighters For Combating Emerson Blaze

(credit: CSB4)

Fire Chief Eric Tade said the more than 100 responding firefighters executed their tasks without flaw.

“They come to work every single day with dedication, and training, to respond to the high risk, low frequency event. And that is what we had last week,” Tade said.

ffs honored 3 Mayor Thanks Denver Firefighters For Combating Emerson Blaze

(credit: CBS4)

The fire charred not only the structure, but surrounding buildings and cars.

“We had one of those fires that doesn’t happen every day. But they are the ones you train for, and prepare for,” Tade said.

18th and emerson help 6pkg transfer frame 577 Mayor Thanks Denver Firefighters For Combating Emerson Blaze

(credit: CBS4)

Two construction workers lost their lives in the blaze, while dozens of others escaped.

“Our hearts and prayers are with them,” Tade said, as Hancock nodded in agreement. “When we respond to a scene, and we are not able to save everybody there, our people take it very seriously.”

ffs honored 21 Mayor Thanks Denver Firefighters For Combating Emerson Blaze

(credit: CBS4)

“(Firefighters) are the real heroes of that day, because this was something so extraordinary in the life of our city,” Hancock said. “The people of Denver should be proud of the fire department.”

Dillon Thomas is a reporter at CBS4 and a Colorado native. He believes everyone has a story, and would love to share yours! You can find more of his stories by following him on Twitter, @DillonMThomas.

  1. Ann Pirie says:

    I would never take away from this awesome Fire Department for the great work it does. But, I know many a police officer who was put on that detail for hours on end. I know one of them is still bright red from standing on an adjacent building keeping it safe from hot flying embers. Others kept the community safe directing traffic so that no one got hurt. I am sad about the loss of life of the work working inside.

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