By Karen Morfitt

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – In Colorado, spotting a wild animal in your neighborhood is far from unusual.

For one homeowner, who has called the Ken Caryl neighborhood home for nearly 20 years, getting video of a family of mountain lions in your backyard is still pretty rare.

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“Two went by, three went by and then one jumped over the fence there,” the homeowner said asking. She asked her name to be withheld.

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The cameras were a Christmas present so the animal lover could know when they had any four-legged visitors.

“I think they are supposed to be security cameras, but not in my house,” she said “When I see motion in my backyard I do go look and it’s a deer or a fox or sometimes 15 deer,” she said.

(credit: CBS)

Last week, those cameras captured something a little more exciting than deer.

First, it was one mountain lion creeping across the yard.

“Well it was dark, so it was just one, but the tail was on there so you can tell it’s a mountain lion,” she said.

Then the video shows two lions crossing along the fence line.

It was video later that morning that shows a mother mountain lion and her three cubs heading through the yard back home. That video has now gone viral.

(credit: CBS)

“I did put it on YouTube, but also the whole entire neighborhood put it on Facebook,” she said.

As incredible as it is to see, the homeowner says it’s also a good reminder that in their area, wildlife is everywhere.

”I’m a little worried to walk my dog at night. I walk down the street making noise and singing,” she laughed.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife says they are aware of those mountain lions. So far, they haven’t had any encounters with people so rangers say they will continue to let them be.

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They do however stress safety for those living in the area. They suggest making a lot of noise, turning the lights on before going outside, especially before you let pets out, and being more cautious around dusk and dawn.

LINK: Colorado Parks & Wildlife Mountain Lion Tips

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