CENTENNIAL, Colo. (CBS4)– A father pleaded guilty to killing his 6-year-old son and raping his ex-girlfriend in Arapahoe County Court on Friday.

Brandon Johnson attached his ex-girlfriend and killed his son two years ago. He made the plea to avoid the death penalty. Now he’ll spend the rest of his life in prison.

Brandon Johnson (credit: CBS)

Brandon Johnson (credit: CBS)

Prosecutors say Johnson slit his son’s throat. Six-year-old Riley died. Shortly after, Johnson slit his own throat.

Riley’s mother was still too traumatized by the events of that night to sit in court through the entire sentencing. She couldn’t bear to hear the details and see photos from the night her son was murdered.

Riley Johnson (credit: CBS)

Riley Johnson (credit: CBS)

The crimes allegedly happened in the apartment where Johnson lived with his two children and ex-girlfriend. Investigators testified that the couple had broken up but were still living together and Johnson was depressed, and even told his ex-girlfriend that he was suicidal.

Brandon Johnson (credit: CBS)

Brandon Johnson (credit: CBS)

On the night of the alleged attack, Johnson’s ex-girlfriend claims Johnson forcibly raped her at knifepoint and told her he would “kill everyone” in the apartment if she screamed. The victim told investigators she then went into her room to call 911 and that’s when she heard Riley screaming from his room — then there was silence.

When police arrived they found Riley dead and Johnson lying nearby with a knife wound to his own throat.

Brandon Johnson (credit: CBS)

Brandon Johnson (credit: CBS)

“I think under our laws and our system this was the most justice we were going to get out of these horrific facts. You talk to anybody else in this community, outside this building, and not confined by the statutes that we are, and you ask ‘What is justice for someone who would mercilessly slit the throat of their 6-year-old boy?’ and I’m pretty sure life in prison isn’t the only answer they come up with,” said Arapahoe County District Attorney George Brauchler.

A 2-year-old child who was found in the home was found unharmed.

After the sentencing, Johnson said he never intended to be on this Earth after killing his son. He said he has no explanation and no answer for why he did what he did, but he’s truly sorry.


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