DENVER (CBS4) – Life has been turned upside down for several residents of Denver’s Uptown neighborhood who live close to the building under construction that caught fire on Wednesday.

jackie puschak 3 Fatal Fire Aftermath: Nearby Residents Forced To Live Elsewhere

With her backpack on, Jackie Puschak meets with emergency personnel near her home. (credit: CBS)

Jackie Puschak is one of those people. She was among those who were devastated on Thursday to learn of the victims who were killed by the blaze, so she is keeping things in perspective and thankful that she has the chance to pick up her life.

“So our windows cracked from the heat. Our blinds melted from the heat,” said Pushak, who lives in the area around 18th Avenue and Emerson Street that could wind up being evacuated for a month.

jackie puschak 1 Fatal Fire Aftermath: Nearby Residents Forced To Live Elsewhere

(credit: CBS)

Officers on her block are keeping an eye out for looters, and on Thursday they escorted her to her home so she could get essential belongings.

Puschak was despairing as she filled her car with items that she’ll need while she’s displaced, but she couldn’t help smiling when telling a CBS4 crew about one of the things she’s bringing with her. It’s a painting most would probably discard.

“It was my great-grandparents’ or grandparents painting. And then as a prank the boys started to pass this down every year,” Puschak said.

jackie puschak 2 Fatal Fire Aftermath: Nearby Residents Forced To Live Elsewhere

(credit: CBS)

She says “The Nude” — as her family call it — isn’t a great piece of art, but rather a great part of her family’s history and a reminder of their special sense of humor.

Pushak is going to live with her sister while she’s evacuated. She says she’s humbled by the knowledge that she still has the things that actually matter.

“It’s going to be okay,” she said.


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