Season 36 of “Survivor: Ghost Island” is starting to heat up. An early season tribe swap totally changed the game and it tested several players. While it looked like Angela Perkins was going to get bounced after receiving three votes, Morgan Ricke was ultimately the one sent packing after her friend Libby Vincek was the fourth and deciding vote.

Ricke chatted with CBS Local about her relationship with Vincek, what went wrong and her favorite part of the “Survivor” experience.

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Why do you think you were voted off?

Morgan Ricke: Obviously, I was blindsided. I told everyone that the relationship I formed with Libby was real. The bond and the Catholic school girl vibes were real. It was nice seeing how difficult the decision really was for her. I respect her game play, game respects game. Good for her. It was a blindsiding, but I still respect her.

What would you have done differently?

MR: That’s a really hard question. I really liked the game I played. I really felt like I was a super strong competitor. More importantly, I really did feel like I formed social bonds with people, which is kind of why I feel like I got voted out. I felt like I had the competitor and social aspect of it. I think people liked me, saw I was strong and game respects game. James Lim wanted me out of there and I get it. At least he wanted me out of there because he felt like I was good and not because I sucked or didn’t do anything.

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What was the best part of your Survivor experience?

MR: Oh my gosh, that is so hard. You see it on TV and then that’s exactly how it is. It’s one of those realities shows that is real. You are pooping in the ocean and eating only 200 calories a day. It’s cool having been a fan for so long. It’s what you expect, you have to be super sharp physically and you have to be sharp socially. You have to have a little bit of luck. The Ghost Island thing was so cool since I’m a superfan. It was so cool to get to play, it was an incredible experience. It was an experience of a lifetime.

What’s next for you?

MR: Hopefully I’ll get called back and I’ll drop everything to play again. I’m just living my dream. I get to live my dream every day as an animal trainer. Dreams come true if you believe in them. I worked hard at that dream and I also made my Survivor dream come true. My life is great and I really have no complaints. People always say that I’m always happy and that’s really how I live my life. I don’t hold grudges. Props to Libby for her game play.

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