By Lauren Whitney
DENVER (CBS4) – The wind machine finally calmed down a bit in Colorado. While the plains and foothills were still a little windy today, it was significantly calmer than the past two days.

Without those gusty winds, our low 50s felt so much warmer thanks to the lack of wind chill. We hit 51 degrees in Denver on Wednesday.

Warmer temperatures for Thursday and Friday, we’ll be in the upper 60s with plenty of sunshine.

A storm will head for Colorado on Friday night, the main part of the storm will stay to the north of us however. Our mountains will get some light to moderate snow, but the rest of us just get a little more wind and clouds.

Sunday should be a little cooler and sunny after the system passes on.

And don’t forget; we return to Mountain Daylight Time this weekend so clocks will move FORWARD Sunday morning. We loose an hour of sleep but gain extra daylight in the evening. Sunset on Sunday will be 7:02 p.m.

5day Warmer And Drastically Calmer

snowpack Warmer And Drastically Calmer

drought monitor Warmer And Drastically Calmer

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