GOLDEN, Colo. (AP) — Prosecutors allege that a Colorado man being re-tried for killing his wife in 2001 shot her in the head while she slept and put her body in a dumpster at work.

Michael Blagg is on trial for the second time in the death of Jennifer Blagg.

blagg family Colorado Man Re Tried For Killing Wife In 2001

Michael Blagg with Jennifer and Abby (credit: CBS)

He was convicted of murder in Grand Junction in 2004 but his conviction was overturned 10 years later after the judge learned a juror concealed her experience with domestic violence in order to serve on the jury.

This time Blagg is being tried in suburban Denver because of concern that an impartial jury couldn’t be found in Mesa County.

michael blagg 6pkg frame 251 Colorado Man Re Tried For Killing Wife In 2001

(credit: CBS)

The Blaggs’ daughter, Abby, disappeared when Jennifer Blagg was killed and has never been found.

Blagg’s lawyer claims a child predator killed Jennifer Blagg and kidnapped Abby.

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