DENVER (CBS4) – One person is dead following a two-vehicle crash and fire on Interstate 70 just after midnight Sunday morning.

The eastbound lanes of I-70 were reopened at around 3:30 p.m. on Sunday. Westbound lanes were re-opened at 5:30 a.m.

i 70 semi 1 castro I 70 Eastbound Reopened Following Deadly Semi Crash & Fire

(credit: CSB4)

Officer Marika Putnam of the Denver Police Department said a semi pulling a refrigeration trailer collided with another vehicle, a pickup, that was merging on to the highway. The two vehicles collided and struck a jersey barrier. The semi’s cab and trailer both caught fire.

The semi driver died. He was pronounced at the scene.

Putnam said the driver of the pickup ran from the scene. He was later found and arrested.

He is now being held by police for investigation of vehicular homicide. That charge is subject to change based on the results of the police investigation.

Putnam added that investigators are studying whether alcohol consumption or vehicle speed contributed to the crash.

i 70 semi 2 castro I 70 Eastbound Reopened Following Deadly Semi Crash & Fire

(credit: CBS4)

Comments (2)
  1. Robert Chase says:

    Denver needs enforcement of State traffic laws in the worst way! Aggressive and careless driving is ubiquitous from the interstates to residential streets. Few drivers stop at stop signs. Driving on I-25 recently, I have been struck by how many drivers cannot even keep to their lanes, driving on lane markers right next to other traffic, cutting across yellow lines onto the median at every curve. When are any of Denver or Colorado’s sorry excuses for leaders ever going to suggest enforcing the traffic laws? If they really are regarded as a lost cause, it’s going to get even crazier on the roads.

  2. Steve Garden says:

    It is not surprising a pickup caused this traffic death. Pickup drivers are at the top of the list for being the worst drivers out there. If you see a pickup anywhere around you while driving , give them lots of space , cause they won’t give you any.
    I was exiting the Quebec exit on I70 going east and was already on the exit turning , when out of nowhere a pickup truck zoomed right in front of me to make the Quebec exit and missed me by a couple of feet. Only a pickup driver would think that is an acceptable move on the road.

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