By Romi Bean

INDIANAPOLIS (CBS4) – The quarterbacks met the media today at the NFL Combine. The good news for Broncos Country is, if the Broncos don’t find their guy in free agency, they’ll have plenty to choose from in the draft.

Josh Rosen (credit: CBS)

Josh Rosen (UCLA), Baker Mayfield (Oklahoma) and Josh Allen (Wyoming) were poised and confident as they addressed the nationwide media. They’re not NFL quarterbacks just yet, but they already look and sound the part. One thing they all have in common is a whole lot of confidence. The swagger that John Elway is looking for? They’ve got it.

Mayfield and Rosen both consider themselves the best quarterback in the class. And they said so with conviction.

Mayfield added, “I don’t think I’m cocky, I’m confident.”

Baker Mayfield (credit: CBS)

Mayfield said what makes him the best option for teams is his accuracy and the way he gets the guys around him to play.

Rosen said his best attributes are decisiveness and his ability to pick apart defenses.

Josh Allen went the route of physicality, noting he’s the biggest guy in the group, which makes way for his big arm strength, mobility and competitive nature.

Josh Allen (credit: CBS)

The offensive positions have now completed their media duties. Now attention shifts to the defense, who take the stage through the weekend.

The NFL Combine continues through Sunday.

Romi Bean is a sports anchor and reporter at CBS4. Connect with Romi on Twitter @Romi_Bean.


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