DENVER (CBS4)– A redacted version of the investigation report into sexual misconduct involving Rep. Steve Lebsock was released on Wednesday which reveals in detail how the lawmaker solicited multiple women for sex.

lebsock documents 5pkg transfer frame 0 Report: Lebsock Solicited Multiple Women For Sex

(credit: CBS)

The 35-page report includes five of the Thornton Democrat’s accusers’ stories. Their names and other identifying information have been redacted but their allegations are described in detail.

steve lebsock 3 Report: Lebsock Solicited Multiple Women For Sex

Steve Lebsock (credit: CBS)

Four of the 11 allegations involve solicitations for sex.

lebsock documents 5pkg transfer frame 480 Report: Lebsock Solicited Multiple Women For Sex

(credit: CBS)

According to the report, Lebsock asked one woman, “Don’t you need a f— buddy?”

And asked another woman, “Would you like to f— me?”

And saying to a third woman, “I could… do things to you that your husband wouldn’t.”

Lebsock denies the allegations.

He is accused of commenting on a woman’s breasts and telling another woman she needed to shave her legs and that her hair was grey.

state capitol 4 Report: Lebsock Solicited Multiple Women For Sex

Copter4 flew over the state Capitol (credit: CBS)

In most cases there weren’t witnesses. The investigator said the accuser was simply more credible.

LINK: Lebsock Investigation Report

House Majority Leader KC Becker introduced an expulsion resolution late Tuesday, saying an outside investigator had judged 11 harassment allegations against Lebsock to be credible.

Becker called the claims “serious and egregious in nature.”

Lawmakers also saw the report for the first time on Wednesday but many say the redactions are so significant they have trouble following it.

lebsock recommendations 12sot frame 1035 Report: Lebsock Solicited Multiple Women For Sex

Rep. Steve Lebsock on Tuesday (credit: CBS)

“It’s unfair for our members to even make a decision based on the redacted report because you can’t read the report and actually logically understand it,” said Rep. Patrick Neville, the Republican leader of the House.

“Without having those questions answered, I can’t go to the extreme measure of expelling a member who I didn’t elect. His voters did and that’s a pretty significant thing to do.”

Neville has asked that the vote on Lebsock’s expulsion be pushed back until they have more information.

lebsock sexual harassment 10pkg frame 551 Report: Lebsock Solicited Multiple Women For Sex

Rep. Faith Winter (credit: CBS)

Rep. Faith Winter, one of Lebsock’s accusers who filed a formal complaint, says while she understands the need for transparency, there is also the need for confidentiality.

“If this does not pass, this building is sending a very strong message that women’s’ voices are not valued, they are not believed, this building doesn’t care about what type of workplace they’re creating and that when we put-on the black badge and take an oath that we are above accountability,” said Winter.

The investigator will meet with lawmakers at the state Capitol on Thursday to answer questions and distribute a report with fewer redactions. It is unclear whether that report will be made available to the public.


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