DENVER (CBS4) – Commercial truck drivers are asking state lawmakers to help them combat human trafficking.

(credit: CBS)

They are lobbying this month for a bill that would require all truckers to get educated about the signs of human trafficking. Federal agents say truck stops are a common place to find human sex trafficking.

The education would be incorporated into the training all truckers receive to obtain a commercial driver’s license.

“It’s asking truckers just to be aware, to be able to spot the warning signs. And once truckers are educated on that, they will tell you ‘I saw it. I didn’t see it before but now I see it and so I think I can make a difference,'” said state Sen. Rachel Zenzinger, a Democrat from Jefferson County.

(credit: CBS)

The bill is focused on education only. It does not mandate that truckers report trafficking if they see it.

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The bill passed through its first committee in the state legislature on Wednesday.


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