FORT MORGAN, Colo. (CBS4) — Three people were taken into custody Tuesday following a pursuit that featured several collisions between a police car and a getaway vehicle.

Phillip Dillard, 66, of Denver, Vernon Hale, 33, of Denver, and Tona Reynolds, 44, of Aurora, all “have extensive criminal histories,” according to the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office. All are facing theft charges stemming from a shoplifting incident that preceded the chase.

Deputies were first notified of the shoplifting at 12:23 p.m. The suspect vehicle, a Volvo SUV, was spotted 10 minutes later traveling westbound on Highway 34.

Two MCSO cars, including an unmarked car with Sheriff Jim Crone aboard, attempted to pull the Volvo over. After faking a stop, Dillard, the Volvo’s driver, speed away.

(credit: Facebook/Morgan County Sheriff’s Office)

Sheriff’s Crone car forced the Volvo into a snow-covered median where, again, Dillard drove off.

The Volvo avoided a spin-out attempt by Crone’s vehicle and exited the highway prior to the town of Wiggins.

(credit: Facebook/Morgan County Sheriff’s Office)

There, near the Stub’s Oil And Gas station, Sheriff Crone’s car completed a spin-out of the Volvo.

Sheriff Crone exited his vehicle and fired his weapon in an effort to flatten a tire on the Volvo.

Dillard jumped from the vehicle but left it in gear. A Morgan County sergeant jumped into the Volvo to keep it from running into the front of the gas station.

Dillard faces eluding charges in addition to the theft.

(credit: Facebook/Morgan County Sheriff’s Office)

Reynolds allegedly coerced Dillard into fleeing police and even steered the vehicle from her passenger seat, according to Morgan County, and faces an additional conspiracy charge.

Hale had an outstanding warrant and was in possession of suspected cocaine.




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