By Stan Bush

DENVER (CBS4) – One of the biggest excuses to reject the Winter Olympics may no longer be relevant, according to Denver’s Olympic Exploratory Committee.

On Thursday, Robert Cohen, chairman of the exploratory committee, defied one of the longest held obstacles to hosting the Olympics, saying Colorado could host the games without any major capital improvements to the I-70 mountain corridor.

(credit: CBS)

“The early indications are that I-70 can be utilized for a 17-day event that incorporates 2.5 weekends and the weekdays to move the number of people up and down that we need to host the games,” says Cohen.

Cohen says the committee is considering how Vancouver hosted the 2010 Olympics by converting the two-lane highway to Whistler-Blackcomb into a shifting 3-lane system.

“I’m not saying it’s ideal. I’m not saying it’s perfect. I’m saying it’s a 17-day event and certainly the interstate would accommodate that,” adds Cohen.

(credit: CBS)

The committee is considering plans for the 2026 winter games, but with Los Angeles hosting the Summer Olympics in 2028, it is more likely that the 2030 game would be targeted if Denver does pursue a bid.

The committee is still working on a finalized report that will be presented to Mayor Hancock and Governor Hickenlooper in late April.

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  1. Yes! Bring the Rings to Colorado! Olympics 2030 to highlight our beautiful state!

  2. Robert Chase says:

    Please don’t falsify the terms of the debate; the so-called “Exploratory Committee” is promoting an Olympic bid, not exploring one. When do you propose to report on opposition to hosting the Olympic games here? There’s plenty from across the political spectrum.

    “The committee is considering plans for the 2026 winter games, …”

    According to the USOC, it has no plans to bid on the 2026 Winter Olympics, in part, because it would interfere with Los Angeles’ hosting of the 2028 Summer Olympics.

  3. Total bull! It can’t even handle a typical weekend sky day! If I were to attend the games, I would get a hotel in Glenwood Springs, it would be hours faster than getting to Denver!

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