By Karen Morfitt

WASHINGTON, DC (CBS4)– The president of Denver’s police union testified before Congress about why he believes Denver is a sanctuary city.

Denver Police Detective Nick Rogers has more than 30 years of experience working in narcotics.

He testified under oath about how he believes Denver has a hands-off policy when it comes to the immigration status of people in police custody.

Rogers has worked hand-in-hand with ICE agents.

Denver Police Detective Nick Rogers (credit: CBS)

He says Denver’s immigration ordinance leaves officers “handcuffed” and keeps them from doing crime fighting.

“The ordinance has had a chilling effect on our daily operations. We can no longer call and share information with ICE, they can no longer call and ask us for assistance or ask for intel on criminal activity. The ordinance has created, in my opinion, a city that is much less safe then it was prior to this ordinance,” said Rogers.

(credit: CBS)

Denver Police Deputy Chief Matt Murray responded, saying that Rogers doesn’t understand the ordinance.

Murray says officers can get information from federal immigration agents but can’t assist them in enforcing immigration law.

Rep. Ken Buck, a Republican representing Colorado, invited Rogers to testify. Buck says the hearing is meant to help Congress develop comprehensive immigration reform.

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