By Alaina Brandenburger

There are many factors that sway parents to switch to cloth diapers over disposable. Concern for the environment, saving money and enhanced convenience are just some of them. Since they are re-used, you won’t find yourself having to run to the store to get a new package of diapers. When laundered correctly, cloth diapers can be re-used multiple times, which can save a significant amount of money over time. If you’re thinking of making the switch, find cloth diapers and accessories at one of the following boutiques. 

The Mama ‘hood
2902 Zuni St.
Denver, CO 80211
(303) 643-5662 

Located in the Highlands, The Mama ‘hood is more than a boutique, it is a network for moms. Specializing in pre-and post-natal needs, The Mama ‘hood offers classes, family based yoga classes, and a wide range of goods, including cloth diapers. The employees at The Mama ‘hood are experts in all things baby, and they can answer all of your questions and find products to fit your needs. For new moms, this shop has resources to help you navigate the complexities that come with adjusting to life with your first baby. 

Real Baby
4315 Tennyson St.
Denver, CO 80212
(303) 477-2229

Real Baby offers an extensive selection of high quality products for babies and toddlers, including cloth diapers. The shop served the needs of families since it opened its doors in 2003. Real Baby recently moved to a new, larger location making the store easier to navigate. The shop’s owners are known for personalized, high quality customer service. If you’re new to cloth diapers, they can help answer all of your questions. They can also direct you to other products that suit your needs as well. 

Bundle Baby Shop
2825 Wilderness Place, Suite 400
Boulder, CO 80301
(303) 443-9416

This comprehensive baby shop has everything you need to take care of your baby, including cloth diapers. This store features baby experts who know a lot about cloth diapers. They will talk you through the different brands and show you how to take care of your cloth diapers to get the best use out of them while keeping your baby comfortable. If you’re squeamish about washing cloth diapers, Bundle Baby Shop offers laundering services to help keep them fresh and clean. 

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Eco Baby Diaper Service
Denver, CO 80202
For those who want to use cloth diapers, but don’t want to spend time laundering them, there is the Eco Baby Diaper Service. Eco Baby serves the Denver metro area, providing cloth diaper rentals and laundering 7 days a week. The pick up and delivery team is fast and responsive, and will work with you to determine your needs. The service offers different packages starting at $21.95 per week, and they are always available in the event of an emergency. 
Childish Things
3183 Walnut St.
Boulder, CO 80301
(303) 442-2703

Babies grow and change so quickly, that you’re constantly buying them new clothes and shoes. For parents on a budget, Childish Things consignment store can help you find what you need for baby with less of an impact on your bank account. Among the selection of new items carried in the store are cloth diapers. The shop has a vast selection of cloth diapers so you can find a brand that works for you and your baby. While you’re in the shop, you check out some of the gently used baby clothes and toys. 

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