By Dillon Thomas

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4)– The days of pre-dawn wake ups for high school students across Colorado are slowly dwindling. Many school districts across the state are slowly adopting later start times for older students, in hope of creating a better educational environment.

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The latest school district to announce the later start consideration is Jefferson County Schools.

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The district will host a community meeting on Monday night, where they will discuss the possibility of delaying start time for ninth to twelfth grade students.

To the east, Cherry Creek School District students have already adapted to the change. Classes used to start after 7 a.m., and now start shortly after 9 a.m.

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The districts made the change to give teachers more time to plan, and students more time to rest.

“It is better for sleep, it is better for your education, you are well rested,” said Seth Cooprider, a Cherry Creek High School junior.

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The first bell of the day is after 9 a.m., classes are shorter, and school lets out later in the afternoon.

“It was really difficult trying to get up really early (before the change),” said Emily Tatman, a Cherry Creek sophomore.

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“(Before the change) you get to school, and you are super tired, and you can’t focus as much,” said Angie Martinez, a Cherry Creek sophomore. “But, now that school starts later, you are more in class, and understanding what is going on.”

While many students said the later start time was great for rest and attention span, they also acknowledged it made life after school more difficult.

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“People who have extracurricular activities, it might be difficult doing their homework after school,” Tatman said.

“You get out later, it kind of sucks for work. If you are my age, you can only work certain hours,” Cooprider said.

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