By Dillon Thomas

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) – Hundreds lined the roads and highways of Colorado Springs on Saturday to pay their final respects to fallen El Paso County Detective Micah Flick.

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Following a memorial service for Flick, attended by hundreds, a procession led him to his final resting place in Falcon.

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Amid a snowstorm, and below freezing temperatures, hundreds spent their afternoon standing outside along the roadways.

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Some held flags while some held their hands to their hearts. One thing many said they mutually held was a respect for law enforcement officers and Deputy Flick.

“It is very emotional,” said Nick Lincoln, who waited along the processional route for hours for the opportunity to pay his respect. “It really hits home for me. I think it is the least we could do, to come out here, no matter how cold, and pay our respects.”

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Many brought their children to the processional route. Kids, some as young as 4-years-old, were seen standing in the snow in silence, as hundreds of emergency response vehicles passed by.

“We were holding flags to honor the police,” said Daniel Mohr, as he stood alongside the route with his sisters. “A lot of people really do respect (Detective Flick’s family), and support them.”

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“(Residents lining the snow packed streets) shows the respect for our community, and those who serve it,” said Michael Ray, a Colorado Springs resident.

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“It just goes to show how strong of a community we have in El Paso County,” Lincoln said.

By the time the procession passed, more than half an hour after starting, many were covered in snow.

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Few of those who attended got back in their cars. Most stood outside from the moment Flick’s casket drove by to the final tow truck.

Those along the route told CBS4’s Dillon Thomas they hoped the outpouring of respect made its way to the family, as they celebrate the life of a man who gave his all to the community.

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“I hope they know all these people are out there for them,” said Casey Nelson, a Colorado Springs resident.

“I’m sorry for your loss. I hope you feel better,” Mohr said.

Flick’s wife said she was happy to see it was snowing the day of the memorial service. She said her husband loved to ski and snowboard with his family. She said he also loved to make intricate snow forts with their two young children.

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